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Top 6 Backlink building Strategies to Increase your DA

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Backlink building

We cannot get away from the fact that backlink is one of Google’s top ranking factors and there is no sign this is going to change in the near future if at all it will change. Backlink building might remain here with us.

Backlink Building Strategies
Backlink Building Strategies

A handful of marketers and business owner have been left thinking and probably worrying where and how to get backlinks to point to their websites or blogs. Links from different sites are seen by Google and other Search Engines as a vote of confidence and trust to sites being linked to. It sends the message to Google that the page is valuable and full of helpful contents that will benefit readers.

The backlinks increases a site’s authority which might mean that a site will be ranked high on SERP and giving your site some more visibility and more organic search results. Not all backlinks are seen as a vote of confidence though by the search Engines. There are toxic backlinks which harms a site rather than increase authority and trust.

Normally backlinks should:

  • Come from related sites. Just imagine a sports site linking to a business site. It just doesn’t make sense.
  • Earned editorially
  • Links should come in naturally, they should not be paid for.

Backlinks can help you increase domain authority and greatly influence your ranking on the SERP. But where do you start?

1. The skyscraper technique

This technique was first introduced by Brain Dean of Backlinko. The Skyscaper technique is a good backlink building strategy that works like this:

  1. Find a great content that has gotten a lot of backlinks
  2. Create a better version of that content
  3. Promote the content to those who linked to the initial post

This works because you are applying a proven backlink building strategy that really delivers result.

This technique is going to help you build backlinks and increase your visibility in the search engine result pages. You know how valuable organic search results are.

That is why I prepared an article Top 7 SEO techniques to rank high on Search Engines  so you can write in a way you can rank high on Search engines. This will get you natural backlinks.

These techniques will help you rank for the competitive keywords.

Reading the article is not just enough, but putting in the effort to getting it done and really working hard is the best thing.

This technique is all about creating a better version of a content that is already out there on the web. That means you have to really work to get the Length, Depth and even visuals into a post.

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2. Help answer questions

There are so many question answering platforms that you can help answer people’s question while in turn linking your answers to your relevant posts to the answers.

Sites like HARO and Quora are examples of question and answer platforms. Big players like Reuters, New York Times and Time use it to also answer questions and build backlinks as well.

Three emails will be sent to you every week from HARO so you can choose a topic that is relevant to you and your posts and answer it.

All you have to do is to sign up on these two platforms and begin building back links from them.

Not every pitch of yours will be successful, but always carefully choose your answers and that will greatly increase your chances of success.

3. Round-up posts

Round-up posts are a great way to build backlink too aspart of creating a broader content marketing strategy.

I always appreciate it to feature on round-up posts because I know I will definitely get a backlink from my responses by finding and relating it to a post on my blog.

You can also search the keyword round-up post and get many of it on the internet. IF you find one that you are okay with it and can be related to any post on your site, reach out to the author of that post through email telling them about your latest post and you will luckily get a link from them.

Mostly round-up posts are a series of answers about a particular topic from experts from the industry concerned.

This is a very quick way to get backlinks from sites. IF you conduct a link gap analysis, you will see sites that are linking to your competitor but are not linking to you.

You can reach out to them after that analysis and there are chances that you will start getting backlinks from them.

If a website has linked to your competitors more than once then there are chances they will also agree to link to you as far as you can give them reasons to link back to your site.

A semrush tool Backlink Gap can help you perform this magic by performing the link gap analysis.

Just enter at least two domains in the space provided, analyze the result and you will the sites linking to your competitors and you can reach out to them to get links as well.

If you are a member of any business group like a chamber of commerce, it will be a great opportunity for you to get some really quality links.

This somehow similar to a supplier link but different in that you don’t  rely on stocking a manufacturer’s products  or displaying them on their pages.

Sit today and compile a list of all the associations you belong to with their websites.  Look for a page of a member and on their site this more like a member directory like this example.

Broken link building a basic act of searching for websites with external links to pages that are no more existing on the web.

If you can find pages that link to a 404 page and provide an alternative source of linking to your site there are high chances you will get what you are looking for, because no one is happy having broken links on their websites and blogs.

You should to make sure that you have a similar post that can be linked to after removing the broken link or be prepared to make one. This will help the webmaster minimize work as he will not have to go out to look for a website with a similar post to link to. You brought one and am sure they will be happy to give that link.

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Link building is what helps blogs and websites rank high on the Google SERP and that of other sites.

Having sites linking to you will send a message to the Search Engines that you offer valuable contents and other webmasters also trust your site to send their readers there to also read and gain value from you. This will make Search Engines treat you better. Remember Backlink Building is key to increasing your Domain Authority.

What other way do you get a backlink from other sites?

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