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Three Ways to Learn Anything

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Three ways to learn anything

Three Ways to Learn Anything

We live in a world today where learning anything you want has become so easy and very affordable but so many people still don’t know these three ways one can take to learn anything he/she wants to learn.

My desire to start a home based business lead me to discovering these steps.

I have been in a situation where I have to look for ways to learn things myself because of the environment I came from. It is an environment where getting someone to teach me what I want is very difficult if not impossible. Till date I don’t know someone who is into web design, Blogging or Mobile app development in my area.

Web design, Blogging and Mobile app development were all I wanted to learn since I was a 17-year-old. On my quest to see how to learn how to be all I listed above, I discovered the three ways to learn anything. Since then I have applied this techniques whenever I want to learn and it has been bringing result for me.

The world is fasting moving where people are too busy to take time to teach you what they know. The best thing to do is to take the learning upon you and to really dedicate your time and resources to learning.

The benefits I discovered with these approaches are that you will never forget what you have learnt in the process. You will learn an extra lesson on the way that will make you unstoppable and you will be able to get whatever that you want.

While applying these three techniques to learning, you will discover that your will power will be strengthened and you will never give up on anything afterwards.

The best ways to learn anything

I am so confident telling you to try the ways to learn anything because I have recommended that to so my friends and it worked perfectly for them just as it did for me.

So let me stop telling you too much stories and tell you about what actually brought you here. It is not my fault though, bloggers like to make noise..smiles…

Top three ways to learn anything

Below are the top three ways to learn anything you want in the world.

1.     Reading Materials

Read materials
Read Materials

The first way to learn anything in the world is to read materials related to what you want to learn.

When I wanted to learn web development back in 2017, all I had was my small phone android (Tecno P3) and the slow internet in my village, but I was able to download an eBook that showed me how to start web development.

I went through the eBook diligently and I started to see all I need to start web development. I had a challenge then – I didn’t have a computer close to me. The only one we had in the house my brother who was studying in the university had taken it to school. That did not discourage me though.

I kept on learning and writing the code on paper and draw a webpage on a paper of what the HTML and CSS code will give me if I had a PC. I had access to the PC only when my brother comes back home for holiday.

I ceased the slightest opportunity I had then to write codes and run it on the PC.

In all you want to learn start by reading material specially written for dummies or beginners.

You have so many websites like PDF Drive you can get free and paid eBooks.

When I started my journey I started by downloading the free eBooks and I got basics there too.

Whether you are looking to acquire new skills as manager or you want to learn blogging like me you can get all the resources you are looking for. I also have an online Blogging course you can take and learn Blogging.

It was a result of reading so many materials that I stumbled on wordpress and I built my first site at 17- Check it here.

2.     Watch Free videos

Free videos
Watch free Videos

Second step I took after getting a better phone and a 3G network was to start watching free YouTube videos and on different sites.

As I watched each video I always practice what they teach in the videos.

I diligently followed what the experts tell me to do in their videos.

You see learning by video helps so much especially if you are the type who learns by visualization. As you watch each video your brain will capture each passing moment and you don’t have to create the images yourself again unlike when you read from the materials.

When you get someone whose video lessons you understand on YouTube subscribe to his channel and always watch them. You will also have a chance to ask questions directly in the comments sections and you will get answers from your tutor.

As I consume free videos online, I discovered its not everything they are showing me in the free video though it carries a lot value.

I decided to take it a step forward and I discovered the third way to learn anything.

3.     Buying Online Courses

Take paid courses
Take paid courses

After I discovered this step, my learning became so easy and fast. Something about the paid online courses is that you will get an in depth answer to your questions unlike the free courses where if one asks questions the tutor will refer you to his paid courses to get the answers there.

They created a hunger for me to know the answers to some of the questions I asked.

I took the step to enrolling on a paid online video course and I discovered that there is more someone can do in web development. Same with my blogging journey. It was after joining a paid course that I got all the answers to my questions.

So to learn anything to extent to which you want, you have to be ready to invest your time and resources into learning and you will be better at all that you choose to learn.

Don’t take it that after taking a paid course you will get everything. No. You have to practice and practice to be perfect.

I always tell my Students in my Blogging course to always practice and never stop. In real sense you will spend the rest of your life learning one thing or the other in what you choose to learn.


Learning a skill in this technological era has become pretty much easy and even cheaper.

By following the steps I told you above you will learn anything you want in less than six month. After that you will be left to face the improvement phase which comes as result of how you practice or work on projects related to your chosen field.

What steps do you take learn new things?

Please share with family and friends.

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