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Signs you were born to be a blogger

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Whether you were not born with these sign you can still develop them and be a blogger. Signs you were born to be a blogger are not so hard to spot. Am here to point it out to you one after another.

Have you ever thought and felt a strong a  desire to work from home someday? Materialize that thought and feeling by start a blog today.

These signs we are about exploring might be in you but you might not know how to go about blogging. No worries I’ve got you covered in the guide how to start blogging.

Being a blogger is fun whether you are going full time or having it as side job. It comes with so much freedom and excitement.

Join me, read slowly on this exciting journey of knowing whether you were born to be a blogger or you need to develop the skills to be a blogger.

Fasten your seat belt and let us take off as we explore the signs you were born to be a blogger…………

Signs you were born to be a blogger

#1. You are the go to person when it comes to tech at home or the office

If everyone at home or the office runs to you whenever they encounter a problem with anything technology then it might be a hint you are called to be a blogger. It means you are tech-savvy.

If they come with issue like: “My internet is not connecting”, “How do I reset my email password” and you always help them to do it then embrace your calling of being a blogger. It is a sign you were born to be a blogger.

This means that you can put what you know into contents and build readership where your work can be appreciated. By doing so you can earn through your blog.

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#2. You want to make money online

If you always have the desire to make money online then blogging is for you. You can earn through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored post and so on.

If you have tried other ways to make money online but the time spent seemed to be in vain, try blogging it is a great way to make money online.

Seeing these signs, in you and not acting upon it will be to your disadvantage. Start immediately and you will reap the fruit of your labour. Ask anyone who started early and they will tell you it is the key to enjoying blogging. Ask me and I will tell you that.

#3. You wrote an essay overnight and passed in colors

If you have ever written an essay overnight and passed in colors, embrace your calling and set up a blog today.

The ability to write great essays even when you are not well Prepared for it is a great sign you were born to be a blogger.

Even if you don’t have this trait in you, you can develop it by practicing daily or even taking a class online.

This means that you can monetize your skills for writing good essays and get an income for that.

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#4 Good at explaining things

If you have ever held a teaching job or you are just good at explaining things then it a sign you will excel in the blogging world.

Your ability will help you write and explain a topic to your readers well and they will understand.

Every reader will always go back to a site he understands things better from. So your ability to explain the topic well will get you more returning visitors.

So much value is attached to being a teacher on the blogosphere.

Millions of questions are asked every day. This puts you in a position to solve people’s problems by using your ability to explain things well to answer their questions.


Having these skills puts you in the position to be a better blogger.

The business of blogging today comes with so much freedom and presents you with a chance to expand your horizon in terms of research.

If you have the qualities mentioned above I encourage you to set up a blog today. They are sign you were born a blogger.

If you don’t have the qualities but would still love to be a blogger I advise you to acquire them by enrolling even in a free class online and learn.

I hope this post adds value to your life.

Let me know in comments section.

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