I am a student who thought that making Money Online was a very difficult thing to do. I only lived on what my parents sent me from home. 

It got to a point what my Dad was sending for me monthly was no more enough. I went broke in the middle of every month and I had to take to borrow from friends or some online loaning platform in order to survive in the school.

I got to a point which I got tired of everything and started looking for solutions.  In my quest to get a solution I indeed found one. 

Today I no longer wait for my Dad to send money from home as I make not less than 10K weekly just working with my cell phone or Laptop from the comfort of my apartment in the school. 

This is an evidence of one of the payments I received in just week.

How Does OwoDaily Work?

OwoDaily is an Online platform that give you access to social media jobs and some simple task to carryout and get paid. 

This is how it works:

  • You sign up by clicking on the button with “Start now”
  • Create an account on OwoDaily by filling the from provided including your account number for payment and make  a payment of 3,000 naira for membership on the platform.
    • Upon payment you will be given access to the tasks  and yo can start performing the one you want to preform and you will choose among many options. .
    • Once you reach a payment threshold of 5K you can be able to request withdrawal which is paid every Friday. 

What Will I need to Start?

  • All you need to start Working and Earning is just the following:
  • A smart Phone with internet access
  • A computer with internet access
  • Your leisure time.

NOTE: You will need either one of a Smart of a Computer to get started.