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Killer skills an entrepreneur needs

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Skills an entreprneur needs
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Whether you are already an entrepreneur or about to be one, you need the Killer skills an entrepreneur needs to stand out.

In the coming paragraphs I will show you why these Killer skills an entrepreneur needs are important.

Killer skills an entrepreneur needs

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The development of these skills for an entrepreneur can never be overemphasized.

In this post today, I will show why you need to develop these skills and how they will help you in your business.

The more you take time to develop a good and valuable skill, the more your business expands.

Read this article note every point and apply everything in it and see your business taking a new turn.

So what are we waiting for?

We are waiting for us……lol…..

Let’s go!

The first skill you need to develop is:

1. Good verbal Communication Skills

This is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur or anyone going into entrepreneurship should develop.

This skill actually helps you make more sales than any other skill in the business world.

What are verbal communication skills?

Knowing what verbal communication skills are will actually help us know what really needs to be developed in these aspects.

Verbal Communication skill is the ability to give and receive different kinds of information through words.

Communication skills are not only limited to verbal communication alone; it also involves other forms of communication like body language, digital communication like emails etc.

How to develop a good communication skills

In this section, we will explore how to develop good communication skills.

So how can one develop good communication skills to help him/her in business?

  1. Master nonverbal communication:
  2. According to a study, nonverbal communication makes up close to 55% of how one is perceived.

If you are talking but your body language is saying something else then your audience might perceive you as a liar of some sort.

Learning how to check your body language so they harmonize with your actual words should not be neglected.

To communicate clearly and fluently as expected by an audience, you should avoid folding your arms. This gives them a signal that you are not confident and it makes you look very small in their eyes.

Maintain eye contact. But don’t overdo it.

  •  Engage your audience: Engaging your audience when communicating with them is something that should be done always during communication.

Making your communication interactive by engaging your audience helps in bring closer to you the attention of the audience and that gives you the chance to communicate your ideas to them.

Engage them by asking questions and having them ask questions too.

Having them engaged makes them eager to listen to you.

  • Timing

    : Knowing when to do something during communication helps you retain the attention of your audience.

Knowing when to bring up a joke and make the room lively and when to be serious will help you be a better communicator.

  • Simplicity: Whenever you talk to someone or even a group of people try to as much as possible use simple, and straightforward language.

If you use words your audience doesn’t understand you have communicated nothing to nobody. It will be safe to say in this situation that you did not communicate at all even though you spoke to the audience.

  • Show care: Your message is not to you alone.

Show your audience some care by actually discussing their problem and finding a solution to it.

If you only focus on yourself you will end up just talking and not communicating.

Another Skill an entrepreneur and those coming to the world of entrepreneurship should take time to develop is:

2. Negotiation Skills

To build a successful business you are going to need to develop negotiating skill.

This skill is needed for real business. This is a soft skill.

It is needed for both informal and formal activities.

Negotiation skill is needed in the day-to-day running of a business.

IF an entrepreneur lacks this skill it will be to the detriment of his/her business.

The system cheats anyone who is not skilled in negotiating, not because it really wants to but that is the price you pay for being ignorant of it.

Negotiation is a give and takes thing. Try to create an environment that is win-win for both parties when negotiating.


What is Negotiation?

Another one of the skills an entrepreneur needs.

Negotiation is a way by which people sort out their differences through discussion.

It is a process through which comprise or agreement is reached without augment.  

How to negotiate well

Negotiating well will let be safe from the ever-ready cheating system.

Here are things that will help you negotiate well:

1. Understand the needs of the client

Having a clear picture of what your client really needs will give you an advantage when negotiating with him/her.

Some people get to understand this when the negotiation is taking place. You will be very powerful if you know this in advance.

Being prepared before going into a negotiation will help you make better decisions.

Do your homework as it will enable you to know what clients’ wants and needs are.

2. Is the decision-maker there

If you are not careful this is where the system, will cheat you.

After going through all the processes it will be time to meet the client in person.

Make sure the client you are meeting is the decision-maker as some people will hook you up with a low-level negotiator and he will reveal himself only after you might have made a decision.

This might mean that you will have to go into another round of negotiation with a top-level negotiator which might weigh you down and make you settle for less than you really want.

2. Plan ahead what you will agree on

You might struggle to make the right decision at the point of negotiation.

Planning what to agree on beforehand will help you make better decisions.

Come to the negotiation room knowing your minimum offer. If you discover that you are compromising too much, walk away if the party won’t meet it.

You have great power in the negotiating room if you know where you stand on this.

The bottom line is: Have a benchmark you will never go below.

3. Writing Skills

Developing good writing skills will be of enormous benefit to an entrepreneur.

As an Entrepreneur you need to develop good writing skills even for these two major reasons: Drafting a business plan and writing a business proposal.

What is a writing skill?

Writing skills is the ability to clearly express or communicate ideas through written form.

This skill is needed because well-written documents and emails can persuade customers to patronise your services and also attract investors to your business.

A well-written business plan or business proposal can convince an investor to invest in your business.

Best writing skills

  • Research writing
  • Editing
  • Outlining
  • Time management
  • Comprehension


This writing skill allows writers to get reliable information about a particular topic.

Writers embark on research mostly because they have to write about a topic they are not really familiar with, so getting quality resources is a great skill.

Sometimes an entrepreneur has to use this skill to get things done right in the business.


After getting the first draft of a piece you need the editing skill to edit it.

From checking an email for editing before clicking the send button to checking your written business proposal before submitting it to a potential client.

This involves reading your draft from an entirely different perspective and seeing how it fits your goal.

Check your tone, and word choice and remove and replace words where appropriate.

Time management

 This skill is important when one is writing more than just a simple email or message.

You need to spend time effectively when writing and really plan how long it will take you to write and edit your piece.

Knowing when to drop your pen will help you not to over-edit your piece.


This is also referred to as Reading comprehension.

This might be seen not as a writing skill but understanding a written form of communication requires that you develop good writing skills.

Having this skill will help you a long way in editing your own piece or that of someone else.

How to develop a good writing skill

There are many ways to improve your writing skills but I have picked the best ones for you to follow and improve.

1. Write Daily

One of the best ways to improve your writing is to write daily.

You have to write daily to be a better writer.

I am improving in my writing because of such posts I write daily.

While you write daily, write on topics that interest you and on a writing niche you intend to go into.

Writing every day can help you build a good writer portfolio and greatly improve your writing.

Ask the great writers, they will tell you they were once amateurs.

If you have social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter, write articles daily and post them.

2. Have an outline

Having an outline before writing will help you not to derail and write about other things not related to your topic.

Write out each topic, or subtopic you want to write about and follow it as you draft your article.

3. Read

Don’t just read anyhow, but read what you want to write about.

If you want to write a fiction story, read other people’s fiction stories.

Reading what you want to write about equips you with great information on that particular field and helps you write well.

4. Simplicity

As you write, write in simple words that a primary school pupil can understand.

There is no point in writing in big grammar that people find difficult to understand.

If you have a blog and you write in big grammar I believe you will find it tough getting readers.

4. Listening Skills

Listening skills is the ability to receive and accurately interpret words during communication.

This is one of the killer skills an entrepreneur needs.

Having good listening skills helps you understand your customers well and provide the services they need and want.

Genuine listening helps build great relationships, get problems solved and even help you during a negotiation with a customer.

At work, genuine listening means fewer errors and great time management. In business, it means more understanding of your customers and investors.

If there is nobody to listen then there is no communication even though there might someone to talk.

So how can one develop good listening skills?

How to develop a good listening skill

I have chosen the best ways for you to improve your listening skills.

1. Be open-minded

While listening to someone speak, do not mentally start criticizing the speaker.

If you do you will be distracted by such thoughts and will miss out on important points.

Be open-minded and listen to him/her speak.

Ask questions if you are unclear go home and digest what was said.

By this, you will be a better listener.

2. Face the speaker

It is quite difficult speaking to someone who looks distracted.

Face the speaker; make eye contact and show him/her you are listening.

Give the speaker your undiluted attention and show him you are listening by nodding or by verbal affirmation. Things like “Yes”, “I understand” etc.


As an entrepreneur, the development of these skills above will help you and your business grow and expand to the desired heights.

Developing the right communication skills helps you make more sales and attract investors to your business.

Having Negotiation skills keeps you away from being cheated by the system and gets you into a win-win situation.

Getting the right writing skills to help you write better emails, and messages and even draft a business plan and write great business proposals.

Listening skills give you the advantage of understanding your customers and providing what they actually want.

This skill helps you remember what someone has said and will let you be a better entrepreneur by solving your customers’ problems.

Having the Killer skills an entrepreneur needs will help you grow your business and expand more.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the killer skills an entrepreneur needs in the comment section.


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