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How to use the Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook Marketplace

Tips for selling on Facebook Marketplace

You have heard about having multiple streams of income, how about the e-commerce sales channels? Are you using only one to make sales? In this post we shall take a look at how to use the Facebook marketplace to make sales and earn more money. One must know how to take a business online before using the marketplace of Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace
How to us ethe Facebook Marketplace

Selling products on Facebook market place is one of the Businesses you can start with less $100.

If you sell products (physical) and you are using only a channel to make this happen, now is the time to seek another means of selling your products online like the Facebook Market place.

As every market place (online or offline) has their own rules, make sure you abide by the Facebook Marketplace rules.

By the end of this post you will learn how to sell on Facebook for free.

Why you should Use Facebook Marketplace.

  1. You must not have a website to sell on the platform
  2. It comes with over 800 million audiences built-in so you don’t to worry much about growing an audience.
  3. It absolutely free to use unlike a website that you have to pay for Hosting and Domain to operate.
  4. You can easily create listing with Facebook app.

Look at the numbers

  • Over 75% of the people in the US use Facebook to find new products
  • Close to 30% of buyers buy through Facebook
  • 1 of 4 business owners uses the Facebook Marketplace to sell their products.

You might be missing a lot of money and missing great business opportunities if you are not on the Facebook marketplace.

In this post we are going to dive deep into all you need to know about the Facebook marketplace, from creating your first listing to the benefits and all one can do to boast sales.

What is the Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a peer-to peer platform on the Facebook platform where you can sell and buy products.

This is an opportunity for e-commerce bsuiensses to take advantage of the over 2 billion active users on Facebook to make huge sales without having to spend a single dollar on listings and ads. You too can take advantage of that even if you don’t have an online store yet.

All that is needed is to display your products and in less than a minute you will have access to a huge number of audiences ready to buy your products.

Benefits of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

1. It is pretty much safer than other e-commerce platforms

On some other platforms people can pretend to be who they are not. This makes the other platforms somehow untrustworthy to transact with.

On the Facebook Marketplace every seller is attached to an account. You can go and check their profiles to make sure they are real before transacting with them.

How to know if someone is real on Facebook:

  • Check his profile
  • See his previous activities on the Facebook Marketplace
  • Check to see how long he/she has been on Facebook
  • Report any seller or buy you suspect on Facebook

While it cannot be guaranteed by anyone that it is free of scam, the fact that people cannot hide their identities make it much safer other platforms as this.

2. You don’t have to pay to list your products

One of the best things about the Facebook marketplace is that you have to pay a single dollar to list your items.

It is absolutely free to create a Facebook business page and personal account and also free to list an item.

It is very different from other platform who have:

  • Non-refundable listing deposits
  • Insertion fees
  • Final Value fees

Facebook has none of the above listed things. It is very affordable for businesses that are looking to go online.

3. Buyers and Seller can send Direct Messages to each other

Instant gratification is all we want now. The internet has made us so impatient.

We always want 24/7 services.

We want things done at the speed of light.

Having the ability to order food, taxi, clothes and everything in the market by sweeping the screen of some small device in our hands.

Online shopping isn’t any different. Is it?

Facebook addresses all these problems by allowing buyers and seller to chat instantly.

It is a great marketing technique.

Customers nowadays (all of us) want swift response when buying products online especially those into mini importation and dropshipping.

When customers ask questions about a product and they don’t get a reply as fast as they want, they risk losing them.

4. You have better chances of making a sale.

Unlike other platform where you search for what you want, Facebook shows products based on users’ scrolling habits which offer better chances of a buyer stumbling on your product.

Facebook users will see adverts of products in their Newsfeeds and in recently viewed items which will still boast the chances of you making sales.

There is also a huge amount of people making use of the marketplace every month. There are 2 Billion active Facebook users. Not all of them will see your products but you will have a fair share of that number.

5. You can share your listings to other Facebook groups.

There are many Buy and Sell groups on Facebook.

In each group there people who are ready to buy making it easy to make sales compared to other platforms like eBay.

You also have the chance to post your list to people and groups near you.

You can share your listing with 10 groups on Facebook and that too is going to boast your chances of making more sales.

6. You get a personalized shopping experience

Facebook has a very powerful algorithm that doesn’t just end at your Newsfeed.

When you visit the marketplace you will be greeted with a “Today’s pick” which is shown to you based on your past searches, likes and interactions.

As far you have your products up there you will have people who are interested in buying them.

Four ways to sell products on Facebook marketplace

Selling products on Facebook is not as hard as you would think. It is absolutely easy.

The Marketplace is built into both the mobile and the desktop version of Facebook. It takes less than 60 seconds to set up a listing on the marketplace. While on other platforms the process takes way longer.

Follow the steps below to create your first listing on the Facebook Marketplace.

Step 1: Go to Facebook Marketplace

Image 1

If you log on to Facebook using your desktop select marketplace on the left sidebar of the screen.

Sometimes you might not see it right there. If this is the case click on “See more” then scroll down and click on it.

For Mobile users open your menu and click on the shop icon in the menus.

You don’t have to create a new account to access this feature. You can use your personal or business Facebook account.

Step 2: Create your listing

Image 2
Create New Listing

Still on the left side of the screen click on the “+create new listing”.

Another page will be loaded asking you to choose a listing type from the option provided.

  • Item for sale
  • Vehicle for Sale
  • Property for rent or sale
  • Job opening

If you are on Mobile tap the “sell” button on the top of your screen to select a listing type.

Step 3: Provide information about your listing

Image 3
Listing Information

The next thing to do is to fill out the information of your listing.

  • Add Photos
  • Create a listing title
  • Fill in the price of the product
  • Choose from the dropdown list the appropriate listing category
  • Still from a dropdown list select the condition of your product
  • Add tags
  • Add your Location
  • Provide the number of items available
  • Add your delivery method
  • Shipping rate if selected

Facebook market place categories

Items can be listed in the following categories:

  • Classifieds
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Deals
  • Electronics
  • Family
  • Entertainment
  • Vehicles
  • Home and Garden
  • Hobbies
  • Housing

When you’re done selecting the category, just hit “publish” and booom! Your first marketplace listing is live.

Step 4: Closing a Sale

Once you have published your listings and a potential buyer shows interest, you can chat by sending Facebook messages to seal the deal. If both of you are satisfied payment can be done through shopify.

How to Increase Sales on Facebook Marketplace

Everyone in any form of business is ever looking for ways to increase sales. The case is not different with sellers on the marketplace of Facebook.

In this section we shall see how to make more sales on the marketplace.

Make your own Research

Even before creating a listing. Make a research.

Go to the marketplace and the popular products in your niche. You can do so by checking each category and visiting their Facebook business pages.

By taking the time to see what products in your niche are trending you will know how to best standout from your competitors so you can beat them.

Use Facebook Ads

Now that you have carried out a research and known which products are trending, create a Facebook ad for your listings.

Because you have carried out a research, you will see a much higher ROI and an increase in sales.

Ads will let you target people who might be interested in your products, people who have bought from you and get them to follow your page.

Apply Facebook SEO

Surprised? SEO is not only for webmasters. It also applies to the marketplace. Every social media marketer should learn the art of Search Engine Optimization.

To get your products to appear in search result when people search for things, you got to target the right keywords!

Always optimize your listings by using your main keyword.

Let take for example you are selling HP computer.

A buyer would like to know things like:

  • Model
  • Colour
  • Battery Storage capacity
  • Condition
  • Accessories it comes with(charger and others)
  • Screen size

These are all keywords you should target to be able to rank higher in the search results of Facebook.

Always use Improved Photos

Over 93% of online buyers say photo is the deciding factor for them to buy a product on online, hence taking quality and improved photos is very vital to increasing sales on Facebook.

If your pictures are blurry or not very clear for people to view and you are not making sale, then it is time to check your photography game.

The good news is you don’t have to hire a professional photographer to do that for you. Just with your smart phone you can do just that.

Strife for a Strong Record

Depending on how well you perform on the marketplace Facebook gives two badges to sellers. Work hard to get both badges to gain more trust from buyers.

  1. Very Responsive Badge (VRB): This is awarded to seller who responds swiftly to buyer on messenger.
  2. Community Recommended Badge (CRB): This badge is awarded to seller with high ratings on the marketplace.

Include Shipping

Want to give your potential buyers that “wow” experience?

Then include delivery.

Always choose the right Category

Listing products in a category it doesn’t belong to just because you want to make sales will leave buyers doubting your credibility and your products will be marked as spam.

Choose the right category so that  the right people to buy your products can find them.

Stop wasting your time and that of others.


Facebook is more than just a social media now. It is  now a marketplace to grow your e-commerce business.

Having access to Facebook and its marketplace you can reach millions of customers without having to spend much on adverts.

All you need to do is try it to out by following the steps above and start selling on Facebook.

Aren’t you going to give it a try?

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