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How to Start a Youtube Channel

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How to make a YouTube Channel
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How to Start a Youtube Channel

How to make a YouTube Channel
How to make a YouTube Channel

Starting a youtube channel is one of the best business decisions you can make as someone who wants to be a social media influencer or someone looking at how to start a youtube channel and make money. 

Taking a new form of creative adventure like this can be quite difficult even if you are prepared for it. It is always not comfortable when you move from what is very familiar to what is completely unfamiliar.  But with hard work and determination, your quest will pay off. 

If you have the goal to start something – Like starting a YouTube channel then you might be feeling very anxious right now and most times taking a look at the statistics is not the best way to reduce that pressure. 

Let us take a look at the numbers. 

There are about 38 million active channels on youtube, and every minute about 500 hours of content is being uploaded on YouTube. 

If you are one among the 22, 000 thousand content creators on Youtube with over 1 million subscribers then this data is not going to be terrifying for you, but if you are someone who doesn’t even have the channel yet then this could be a bitter pill to take for you.

I am not giving you stats to get you terrified and discourage you, but I am doing that so that you will know where to start and what you are going to face when you start. 

It does not matter the reason you are creating the channels. You might be looking for how to create a youtube channel for gaming or just for anything you wish creating a youtube channel is not a hard-to-do process. We are talking about taking minutes and you will have a Youtube channel. 

Follow these learn posts gently and you will learn how to create a youtube channel after you have gone through it. But having a youtube goes beyond putting your picture and channel description. No. It is beyond that. 

The channel you are going to start is going to be an investment. To get the best out it and be able to get your youtube channel monetized then you need to follow the 7 steps we are going to take a look at in this article today. 

All you need to do after going through 7 steps on how to create a youtube channel is to implement what you will learn and keep learning from other sources as well or you can even get a paid youtube course to get more value out of it and scale your channel to become successful. Most of the courses will also show you how to make a youtube channel grow.

Aside from just growing a youtube channel they will also show you how to create a youtube channel and monetize it, how to make a youtube channel background picture, and more. 

We shall as well talk a little about how to make a youtube channel name.

Before we get in properly let me clarify a question someone once asked me. How much does it cost to create a youtube channel? It is absolutely free to create a youtube channel except if you are hiring an expert to help you create that and they will surely charge you for the services they will be rendered to you. 

7 Steps on How to Create a YouTube Channel

Work on your Niche and Channel Concept

Signing up for a google account and creating a youtube channel is an easy thing to do. In fact, is it the easiest of all the steps, but how about what comes up next after creating your channel? How about working out your channel logistics and getting answers to the most important questions, especially about your brand identity? 

As a content creator what is your purpose and how can tailor that purpose to your channel? Why will people want to subscribe to your channel and watch your content? You need to get these questions and answer them right.

The bar to getting started on youtube is low and that means almost everyone can start. You don’t need thousands of dollars to get your channel up and running. Once you have identified your purpose and that of the channel then it is enough for you to get started. 

Having a youtube channel is beyond just creating the channel and leaving it to just lay bare. No. It is about creating great content that will give your viewers memories and have them always come back to watch your channel content. 

How can this be achieved? 

Listen to what an expert, Heather, said about how to get this done.

“To me, branding is less about logos, colors, and clever titles and more about the goals and identity of those who are running the brand. You can have an amazing-looking brand, but if it has no heart then you just have a beautifully painted wall with no real drive or purpose. Build the house first, then paint and furnish it!”

How to start a YouTube channel has many steps. Let us read on.

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Get Ideas from Successful YouTubers

Before you start creating videos and uploading them on youtube, take time to study how other creators are making and uploading their videos on the youtube platform. This could also be said that it is time for market research. 

Start this research and idea-gathering process with the people you have subscribed to their channels even if your target audience is different from theirs. Why do you like their content, what are they doing right that is keeping glued to their channel and always watching their videos and trying to create with your channel? 

Answering these questions will lead to better content creation ideas for YouTubers. 

Once you are able to get and understand what motivates you as a viewer, it is then time to look at other YouTubers that are in the same niche as you since you will be having the same target audience. This is important for you to understand how they manage their channel and viewers so you can also apply that to your channel.

At this point, you can start pointing out what they do right and what you look to improve upon on that so you can make your channel a little more attractive and fun to beat the competition. 

Follow your Production Protocol Strictly

When starting your channel you should establish your pre-production protocol and strive to follow it strictly. Without having days and times you will be uploading your videos, your channels will be known soon for their inconsistency in uploading content and viewers will begin to shun your channel. 

So make sure to set days of the week that you will post videos in the week. I recommend twice for a start and you can make 3-4 times a week as you grow. IN all you do make sure you adhere to your set protocols and you will have success.

Work to bring your Concept to Reality during Production

When you invest in the pre-production stage, something happens: Because you have structured and planned your product, you cover all the footage you want and how you want it.  You are not under pressure to meet a deadline and you will not be jumping from one line to another. 

As a result, your viewer will get great value from your content when you upload them. 

Get everything together in the Post-Production Phase

Once you are done with production, you will be left with a great number of unedited videos to work on. This stage can be time-consuming stage especially if you are uploading longer videos every week or two.

As far as you have a pre-production protocol and you strictly adhere to it till this point then you should have no issues at all in the post-production stage. When the time comes for you to upload everything to your editing software all you have to do is to just import them. 

You might be an expert in this editing a video or something in this order. Don’t worry there is a course that will teach you about recording and editing your video which I recommend you check out and see for yourself. Get it here.  

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License Music the Safe Way

Let us keep the video editing talks aside and focus on one important aspect of video content creation. 

This is nothing but how to use music in your youtube video.

The process of music licensing has been a very tough one for videos and filmmakers recently – It has not been budget-friendly. You however have different ways to add music to your youtube video.

  1. You can do it the traditional way by having a negotiation with the copyright holders, paying for license fees, and making royalty payments. 

The process of negotiation can take you weeks, if not months to finish. 

  1. You can go for a piece of the royalty-free music on some of the stock websites that provide that like soundstripe and bypass the process of negotiating with anybody altogether. 
  1. You can as well get free music from the Youtube audio library. This can take five minutes or less. 

It does not matter what way you follow to get your music, YouTube will follow closely to see how you are the music you are adding to your video using the Content ID System. 

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Optimize and Optimize

When you start your YouTube channel have it in mind that there is an audience for your kind content. It is your duty to make it for your target audience to find you. With about 38 million channels, YouTube is not a small pool and you need to make sure you put yourself in front of the people searching for your content by optimizing your channel. 

The best way to do that is to optimize your content (DON’T OVER OPTIMIZE!) very well and pay attention to your youtube analytics. This process is called YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can learn more about youtube in this post.

This step is a process that requires you to keep learning and pay close attention to your analytics and the algorithms youtube might roll out from time to time. 

That is that about how to start a Youtube channel. See you next time. Don’t forget to share with family and friends.

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