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How to Start Kindle Publishing on Amazon 

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How to Start Kindle Publishing on Amazon 

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon
How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

Kindle Publishing on Amazon is one of the side hustles or businesses you can start from home. In this article, I will walk you through the steps on start kindle publishing on amazon. This is going to be an in-depth article. 

Learning how to start publishing on Amazon KDP is not something that is going to cost a lot. All it takes is the time you will invest in reading this article and the time to also practice and you will be all set to start kindle publishing on amazon. 

With kindle Publishing on amazon, you can self-publish your books and start making money in less than 24 hours if you make good amazon kdp keyword research. We will touch more on keyword research in one of the coming sections. 

Writing or publishing on amazon kdp saves you the stress you have to go through to get your published on the normal way of publishing – finding an agent, getting a deal, and following all the processes of traditional book publishing. 

The best part of publishing on Amazon is that:

  • You get to keep a larger portion of the money
  • There are over 90 million subscribers in the United States only. This means the kindle publishing market is huge. 
  • It costs you $0 to start kindle publishing on amazon. 
  • Amazon will print and ship your paper back to any country it is being ordered without you being actively involved in the process. 

Amazon KDP makes it easy for everybody to publish a book and earn some cool cash. There is just one thing though. You cannot pray your way into making sales on the amazon market. You need to develop a strategy and also get the right tools that will help you on the journey. That is why I mentioned amazon KDP keyword research above. 

The reason I created this guide is to show you how to start publishing on amazon kdp properly and make passive income. 

Note that this post contains links and some of them contain affiliate links if you click on them you will be taken to an external website and if you make any payment I will gain a commission on that purchase. This is how I get to publish more free guides for you. 

What is Amazon KDP Program

According to Amazon, the Amazon KDP program “KDP allows you to self-publish eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcover books for free. We give you direct access to your book on Amazon, and allow you to create a product detail page for your book”.

Steps to Kindle Publishing on Amazon

Validate Your Book Idea Before you Start Writing

If you want your book to be read by the millions on the Amazon market, you have to make sure that there is a huge market for the book you are going to write. It will be a waste of time to write a book before looking for the market for it. It will be profitable to find a waiting audience and give them what they are waiting for. Getting a waiting or hungry audience will give you a guarantee of making sales on the kindle publishing market. 

So it is better to validate your book ideas by measuring the size of the competition in the market.

There are questions you need to ask yourself to fully validate your book ideas:

  • Are there books similar to yours? How about similar books tot eh the one you want to work on and publish on the amazon KDP store? If you cannot find books similar to yours then you might have a bad idea. On the Amazon kDP store, no one is that original. There will surely be similar books to the ones you are going to work on and publish and on the Amazon KDP store.
  • How stiff is the competition? You have checked and answered the question of how tough the competition in the market is. Is it something that you can compete with and beat some of your competitors and get your book to rank ahead of theirs in the store?
  • Is there a market for the Book? You need to ask yourself this question first. If there is no market for the book you are going to write then it will be safe to just change your topic and find an amazon KDP niche that has a market on the amazon KDP store. 

Your answers to the question above will be answered in the steps below: 

Step #1: Find the Category on Amazon

Navigate to Amazon.com and go to “All” 

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

Next click on “Kindle E-readers & Books”

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

Then click on “Kindle Books”

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

Click on “Best Seller and more”

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

Next Scroll down and click on Kindle Best sellers

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

After this step chooses the categories and chooses the one your book will fall under. In my example, I decided on computers and Technology.

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

After these steps you can still choose a subcategory to write your book on like in the picture in below:

In my case, I choose Computer Science. 

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

Now that you have picked a subcategory it will be time to study your potential competition.

Step #2: Check the Category’s top Books for Similar Books

It is now time for you to check your category for similar books to the one you want to write. 

Preferably check the top 20 books in that category to see how many will be similar. 

You might not find books with the exact title of your book but you can find one or even more with the same theme or talking about the same subject. 

In the end, when you have carried out this step, it means that you have successfully answered the first question above. 

If you did not find any similar books then I will advise that you repeat the step and find a better idea to work on that has similar works on the amazon kindle store. 

If you, however, find books similar to your own then you can proceed to seek answers to the final two questions we asked above – Can you Compete, and if there is any market for the book you will be working on?

Step #3: Check the Best Seller Ranks of the top Books in your Chosen Category.

If you want to know if you can really compete in a category, then you need to check to see if there are enough readers or buyers in that category. You need to know how books sell in that category. 

You won’t find the actual number of sales, but their best seller rank should tell you everything about that category – If you can get buyers or not. 

To find the best seller rank of a book, just scroll to the products page and you will find it under product details or you can simply hover over the book cover design as shown in the image below:

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

The higher the rank (The highest being #1), the higher the number of copies being sold.  Also the higher the rank the harder it is to beat the competition on that topic. So it is good to look for categories where the best seller rank is neither high nor low. 

Here is how it is generally:

  • Books with 1000 and above best seller ranks will have a great number of sales but it will also be hard to beat. 
  • Books with a ranking from 1,000 to about 30,000 are less competitive and they have a good number of sales. 
  • Books ranking 30,000 and below are less competitive but they will have a meager number of sales. 

You don’t want a category that is too competitive or one that has less competition but also has fewer sales. You need the category in the middle (1,000 – 30,000) ranking. You can make a decent number of sales there and take some dollars home. 

If you follow the secrets that I am already showing in this article then you should be able to crack the market and something for yourself from the amazon KDP store. 

Package your Book like a Bestseller

You might write the best book in the world but if you don’t package it in the right way then you will end up with less number of sales or even not making sales at all. 

There are four important elements that your books should have and you must take seriously to be able to make the number of false your project:

  • Title of the Book
  • The design of the Cover 
  • Formatting 
  • The Description of the Book

Step #1 Create a Descriptive Book Title

What you title your book is the most important book marketing decision you will make. It is as simple as this. Your title is what will attract readers to come and have a look at your book first than any other thing. 

To come up with the best book title you need to take time to brainstorm the title – Both the main title and the subtitle of the book.

Your book title should be something that is easy to remember and it should match the title and also resonate with your audience. 

The subtitle of the book should be a little different. You should seek to clarify how your book is going to help your potential buyers. 

Consider the following when you are coming up with a subtitle:

  • What pain points will my book solve for my reader?
  • How will the outcome of reading the book be on the reader?
  • How will the reader change after reading your book?

You should brainstorm as many titles and subtitles as you can and try to choose the best among them. You can even ask your friends or family members to read it and choose one for you. 

Step #2: Design an Attention-Grabbing Cover

The importance of this step cannot be overemphasized. You need to have a very good book cover design or you will book will not sell. 

A good book cover design has the following elements:

  • Clear, Readable title: Your potential book buyers will see your cover design as a thumbnail which is why you need to make your headline or title of the book clear enough to be read by them. Try as much as you can to avoid fonts that people will find difficult to read. 
  • A Unique Design:  You can make it stand out using an image or your choice of colors. Whatever you do make a design that can catch the eyes of your potential buyers. 

If you are going to design your own cover yourself I have some advice for you:

Don’t do it if you are not so good or you are not a professional graphic designer. It is better to give this to someone else that can give you a great design. 

Remember that almost everyone can publish books on Amazon KDP, so spending a little more money to make your work attractive and make the money should not be an issue. 

Step #3: Make your Book look Beautiful Inside

Apart from designing a very good cover for your book also need to format your book to look good from the inside for your potential buyers. 

If the texts in your book are jammed together, the fonts are not readable, people will not want to read your book.

To avoid this and make the format look good you need to save your book in a kindle friendly format like .epub or. Mobi. You can even save it in the docs file format for upload on the amazon kdp platform.  If your manuscript is saved in this kind of file format then it will all look on all kindle devices. 

You can either do this yourself, or you can have a professional handle this aspect for you. 

Step #3: Write a very Good Description that will Sale your Book

Are your title and the cover of your book attracted someone to click on your book’s sales page It will be left to your description to finish the work for you? That is why you need to write a very good description of your book. 

Readers want to know how good your book is and how it will benefit their life. This is the first thing they see even before getting introduced to your book.

If your description is not well written and contains weak words then nobody will be quite interested in reading your book. 

A very important point to note when writing your book description is that you should not look at it as a summary of your book but more like a sales letter to your potential readers that will get them to click the buy button on your book. 

Your description should not contain the contents of what your buyers are going to see in your book. Just have it as a sale and it should persuade them to buy your book. 

Here is an example of a book description in the category of computer science:

How to Start Kindle Publishing on amazon

Do you see how the writer focused on the benefits of what the readers stand to derive from the book instead of just telling them what they will learn in the book or just giving the content of it? That is how you should write your book description.

You should use this basic technique of writing a book description to write your book. 

Also, maximize the use of bullet points to list some points and make things clear. 

When you list bullet points don’t go further to explain them in the description. Give them an explanation. This will spark curiosity in your potential buyers and make them buy your book. 

To learn about writing a book description check this article to see more. 


Before you start publishing on the amazon kindle store you need to meet some requirements first. We will talk a little about them so you will have everything in place before you start publishing on Amazon.

  • You need an Amazon KDP account: The first thing you need to have as an Amazon KDP publisher is an Amazon KDP account. So you need to do to create an account to go to kdp.amazon.com or you can search “kdp.amazon.com sign up” on Google the site will appear in the search result and you will click from there and sign up.

To log in to your account, you go to the same site and click on login or simply search for “login to amazon kdp” to log in. 

  • You need to have a bank account: You need to have a bank account to able to receive payment from amazon when it is time to receive your royalties. Or you can create a payooner account if you are not in the US to be able to receive your payment.
  • You need Amazon KDP training: Getting the needed knowledge on Amazon kindle publishing is what will propel you to be ahead of your competitors. All you need to have is going through an Amazon KDP Course that will show you how to carry out everything you need to get started on everything like amazon kdp keyword research, how to format your books, how to design beautiful book covers even if you are not designer using right tools, and even how to create low content books on amazon KDP store.


Benefits of Amazon KDP

There are so many many benefits that come with kindle publishing on amazon. We are going to take a look at some of them below:

  • It is a free program to join
  • Your book will be featured on kindle unlimited which has the potential to reach millions of people all across the globe.
  • Since you can reach millions all across the globe, it means that you can earn a fair share of the revenue generated by Amazon on the kindle store. 
  • It makes you become an authority in the subject or field you have chosen to write on. 

Thank you for reading my blog today I hope you will be back to read more. Just click on the bell icon so that anytime I publish a new article you will be notified so you don’t miss any value I will give out in the next articles.

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