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How to start blogging- the easy way

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 I wish to warn that in this guide, How to start blogging, if you click on some links and purchase a domain name and hosting I will get a commission for it. This is how I earn and run this free tutorials for you. Thanks.

Whether you are looking to grow your sales, monetize your writing skills or just looking for a way to have your voice heard blogging is the tool for you. How to start blogging is easy and we will explore that in depth in this post.

In this post we will explore the basics and how to start blogging for free. Free in the sense that you are not paying me to teach you.

We will see how to avoid the blogging mistakes that can hinder your growth in this post.

Starting a blog is not as tough and intimidating as it is pictured by many. Starting a blog is super easy if you follow this guide step by step. This is a guide for absolute beginners to start a blog.

You must not know how to code before you start your own website. In this step by step guide you will learn how to create a blog and start to make money blogging.

Blogging is one of the profitable businesses you can start with less than $100.

You are going to learn how to be a blogger in this post.

In this post we will explore the following:

1. What is a blog?

2. Domain name and hosting

3. Installing wordpress

4. Customizing your site

5. Start Blogging

6. Promote your blog

7. Start making money with your blog

What is a blog?

In simple terms, a Blog is simply a type of website that focuses primarily on written contents.

Having known what a blog is what is next?

Let us look at why you should blog.

Why you should blog

You must not be a writing guru before you start blogging contrary to the believe that you must be a pro writer to blog.

Bloggers write in a conversational manner and nobody would like to read a textbook from a professor of a University because people search things for personal reasons and want to hear the solutions from someone who has had the experience of what they are looking for.

So why should you actually blog?

  1. Make money from home: Blogging lets you make money from the comfort of your home with your writing skills.

It is very lucrative if you avoid the blogging mistakes. We will talk more about the money part of it later in this guide.

  • Share your story: Blogging gives you the chance to have your say and have your voice heard around the world.

To be a successful blogger you just need this requirement:

  1. Passion for the topic: If you don’t have passion for the topic you are writing about you will end up writing post that nobody would like to read.

So when choosing a topic to write about, choose a topic you will never get tired of writing about.

2. Domain name and hosting

To be able to have a blog you have to purchase a domain name and hosting. What is even domain name and hosting?

What is a domain name?

In simple terms, A domain name is the name of a website. For example the domain name of my blog, the one you are reading, is www.myentrepreneursguide.com and Facebook’s domain name is facebook.com.

It is also the address of your website where people will enter into their browsers’ address bar and search your website.

Without a domain name a website cannot exist.

To get cheap domain names head over to whogohost.com to purchase.

When choosing a domain name, choose a name that is descriptive. By having a descriptive name anyone who sees the name will automatically know what your blog is all about.

If your blog is about sport choose a name like sports247.com and something of that form.

What is a domain or web hosting?

Again in simple terms, hosting or web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website on the internet.

When you sign up for a web hosting service it is more like renting a physical location where you store your website information on a server.

Getting a web hosting is necessary for your website to work properly.

Get your web hosting at whogohost.com.

3. Installing wordpress

As I said earlier, setting up a blog is not as intimidating as it is said.

By having wordpress installed on your website operating it will be easy.

What is wordpress? You might be asking.

WordPress is one among the many content management systems out there and its the best of all of them.

It makes the operation of your website easy and straight forward.

How to install wordpress

To install wordpress after you have purchased your domain and hosting go to your Cpanel and scroll to Softaculous apps installer or quick installs.

Wordpress Installation
WordPress Installation

Once you have done that click on wordpress and leave the directory blank.

WordPress will automatically get installed on your website and your login details will be sent the email address you provided during the installation process.

4. Customizing your blog

Now that you have wordpress installed on your website, it time to customize your blog so it look good and beautiful.

Logging in

If you are not already logged in from the installation step you will be required to login to your wordpress dashboard using the username and password sent to you in the mail containing your login details.

wordpress Login page
wordpress Login page

Enter your username and password then click on log in.

Once you are logged in you will be greeted with the wordpress dashboard.

Wordpress Dashaboard
WordPress Dashaboard

Make your customization

After you have logged in and seen the dashboard, it is time to start your customization to your choice.

Everyone has a choice of how they want their blogs to look like. You will learn how to make yours look good too.

The first thing you should change is your permalink. Permalink is how your post will appear in the address bar of a site. Example www.yourwebsite.com/your-post.

To change your permalink to the right one, head over to setting and click on permalinks. You will see different styles of the permalink as show in the picture below and change it to “post name”. Click on save changes and your permalink will be changed to post name.


The next thing to do is to change your theme.

Changing your theme

WordPress comes with a theme installed on it. But you can change the theme to the one of your choice. Themes are the layout of your website.

changing your theme
changing your theme

To change your theme, head over to appearance and click on themes. You will see the wordpress installed theme there. Click on add new to add a new theme. Search the theme you want and activate it on your site and the look and feel of the site will automatically change to the theme you set it to.

Once this is done it will be time to start blogging.

5. Start Blogging

Your blog is now up, running and live on the internet.

The next thing is to start blogging.

To write a new post and publish it click on “post”, “add new” as shown below.

How to add a post
How to add a post

After clicking on the “add new” button you will see a window that looks like the one in picture below. Write your blog title and the body of the post as shown and hit publish to get your post live on the internet.

Title and body of post
Title and body of post

6. Promote your blog

Now that your posts are live on the internet, you will need to start promoting your blog to generate the needed traffic.

How do you one promote his blog?

  1. Let your inner circle know about it and ask them to check it out. They will check and will help you promote with others too.
  2. Share your posts on social media with family and friends so they can read your blog posts.
  3. Comment on other blogs related to what you do. Let them know you have a website. Write great comments on the blogs. Some bloggers even let you leave a link to your website and by that you will have more visitors to your site.
  4. Engage with your audience and make sure you always reply to their comments and questions in the comment section.
  5. Collaborate with other blogger in your niche. Share each other’s posts and chat through social media.
  6. Create an email list from day one. Email list lets you collect your readers’ emails with their permission. By doing so you will send them an email whenever you publish something new on your blog and this will ensure they keep coming to read your blog.

7. Make money Blogging

Now that everything is up and running on your blog, it is time to monetize your skills.

There are many ways to monetize your site which include:

  1. Sell advert spaces
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sponsored posts

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide today.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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