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How to Register a Business In Hong Kong

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How to Start a Business in Hong Kong
How to Start a Business in Hong Kong

For the past two decades, Hong Kong has held the world’s most liberal economy title. It is said to be an excellent location for starting a business.

It is now one of the world’s leading economies in the business and financial sectors, with gross benefits.

Hong Kong is also proud of its worldwide economy and strong government support, which includes tax benefits and advising offices. It’s also one of the least corrupt countries on the planet, with plenty of vibrant coworking spaces.

The procedure of forming a new business in Hong Kong is reasonably simple and inexpensive.

You can totally own your firm as a shareholder or sole director, unlike in other countries. This is owing to the state’s friendly regulatory capacity, which promotes the business art.

Furthermore, if you plan to grow your current firm into nearby nations such as China, Hong Kong is an excellent place to start.

You’ll learn how to launch a profitable business in Hong Kong in this post. In addition, you will learn:

In Hong Kong, there are several different types of businesses.

How to start a business as a foreigner in Hong Kong.

Details about the founding of a Hong Kong business.

Even if you are a foreigner, how long does it take to register a business in Hong Kong?

How to come up with a catchy business name that would be accepted in Hong Kong.

Legal regulations in Hong Kong will keep your business safe and successful.

The cost of establishing a corporation in Hong Kong.

And why you should think about establishing a branch of your business in Hong Kong.

What Are the Most Common Business Types in Hong Kong?
The process of forming a company and registering with the government in Hong Kong differs based on the type of business one wishes to run (sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation).

A limited company is the most international business structure. Because it is officially incorporated in the country, this is the most popular business type.

A limited liability corporation has the same tax advantages as a resident company. You can also take advantage of the free trade deal with China.

Other options, such as a branch or representative office, are available for a corporation based in another nation.

It’s important to remember that a limited company is a legal entity independent from its owner.

It is regarded as a legal entity with rights that must abide by the terms of Hong Kong’s Companies Ordinance.

A single proprietorship means you are self-employed, however, a partnership means you and your partner must provide identification documents as well as other forms for legal concerns.

How to Form a New Business in Hong Kong

The initial stage, regardless of the type of company, is to go to the Business Registration Office, however, you can alternatively employ an incorporation company in Hong Kong to help you register your business remotely.

The office handles applications for the formation of local limited businesses as well as the registration of international companies that have already established themselves in Hong Kong.

This is a legal requirement that must be considered.

What Is The Procedure For Naming My Business In Hong Kong?

The first and most important step in launching a business is deciding on a name.

Choose a name for your company with care and double-check its legal availability.

To ensure that no other company has the same name as yours, use the Companies Registry’s Cyber Search Centre to do a free company name search.

What is the procedure for establishing a business in Hong Kong?

You must first register your business to process your application, which is a relatively simple process.

You can apply for locally limited company incorporation or registration for a non-Hong Kong firm registered outside the nation but wants to establish a presence in Hong Kong.

The government expects that you have filed a business registration application at the same time as the above applications.

If your application is approved, the Companies Registry will issue you a company registration certificate as well as a certificate of incorporation or a Certificate of Registration of a Non-Hong Kong Company, depending on the terms of your application.

A registration fee of HK$2000 is required.

The following are important company registration documents:

  • A form for forming a limited-by-shares corporation (Form NNC1).
  • Notice to the Registrar of Businesses (form IRBR1).
  • A copy of the Articles of Association for the company.

This is a common question.

If all of your documents are in order, online registration takes only one hour. It can take up to 4 business days to register by mail.

Before beginning operations in Hong Kong, the company must get numerous government licenses, permits, certificates, and approvals.

Learn about the Hong Kong government’s taxes. Understanding numerous statutory obligations and duties to your employees and labour regulations for full information on employment protection and benefits for employees is also very important.

You must also take the required precautions to safeguard and manage your intellectual property.

Finally, set up a bank account. To keep your business and personal transactions distinct, open a corporate bank account.


The procedure of launching a business in Hong Kong is pretty simple, and it will only take a few days to get your firm up and running. From there, you’ll have the potential to expand your market share in Asia, among other things.

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