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How to Make Money with Google in 2023

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How to make money in goolge in 2023
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How to Make Money with Google in 2023

How to make money with google in 2023

Making money with Google in 2023 is a great way to earn a passive income. Google is one of the largest and most widely used platforms on the internet, and there are many ways to monetize your skills and interests through its various products and services. In this article, we will explore eight ways you can make money with Google in 2023. These include Google AdSense, Google AdWords, YouTube Partner Program, Google Affiliate Network, Google Shopping, Google Cloud, Google Play, and Google Opinion Rewards.

Making money with google can look like a daunting task but with this guide, I will walk you through all you need to start earning with google.

Eight ways to Make Money with Google in 2023

Google AdSense

This program allows publishers to earn money by displaying ads on their websites or blog. Advertisers bid on the right to display their ads on participating websites, and publishers earn a share of the revenue when visitors click on the ads. The ads can be in different formats like text, image, video, etc. Adsense also provides detailed analytics which helps the publisher to understand the performance of the ads. To get started, you need to apply for the program and create ad units to place on your website. Once your application is approved, you can start earning money from ad revenue.

Google AdWords

This program allows businesses to advertise their products or services on Google and pay for each click on their ad. Advertisers can choose to display their ads in search results or on other websites through the Google Display Network. AdWords allows you to target specific demographics and geographic areas, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can create text ads, display ads, video ads, App ads, and more. AdWords is a great way for businesses to increase their visibility and drive more traffic to their website.

YouTube Partner Program

Content creators can monetize their videos by allowing ads to be displayed on their channels and earning a share of the revenue. YouTube partners also have access to additional features such as custom thumbnails and end screens, and the ability to sell merchandise and offer sponsorships. To become a YouTube partner, you need to meet certain requirements, such as having a certain number of subscribers and watch hours. Once you’re approved, you can start earning money from ads, sponsorships, and other monetization options.

Google Affiliate Network

This program allows individuals and businesses to earn commissions by promoting and selling other people’s products through their websites or blog. Advertisers can choose to pay on a cost-per-click or cost-per-sale basis. You can join an existing affiliate program or create your own program and promote it on your website or blog. This is a great way to earn money by promoting products or services you believe in.

Google Shopping

Businesses can list their products on Google Shopping and pay for each click on their product listing. This allows customers to easily compare prices and find the best deals. You can list your products on Google Shopping by creating a merchant account and linking it to your website. You only pay when someone clicks on your product listing, making it a cost-effective way to drive more sales.

Google Cloud

Companies can use Google’s cloud computing services and pay for the resources they use. This includes storage, computing power, and other services that can help businesses save money on infrastructure. Google Cloud offers a wide range of services such as storage, databases, machine learning, analytics, and more. By using Google Cloud, companies can scale their resources as their business grows, without having to invest in expensive hardware.

Google Play

Developers can create and sell apps, games, and digital content on the Google Play Store. This can include in-app purchases and subscriptions, and developers can also earn money through ads or sponsorships. Google Play is the largest app store in the world, and it’s a great platform for developers to reach a large audience. You can monetize your app through in-app purchases, subscriptions, ads, and more.

Google Opinion Rewards

Another way to make money with google in 2023 is the Google Opinion Rewards. It is a program developed by Google that allows users to earn small amounts of money or credit by completing surveys. The surveys are typically related to products, services, or experiences and are designed to gather data and feedback from users.

To participate in the program, users must download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Google Play Store and complete the registration process. Once registered, users will be sent surveys on a regular basis, and will be notified via the app when a new survey is available. The surveys typically take less than a minute to complete, and users will be rewarded with a small amount of money or credit for each survey they complete.

The amount of money or credit earned through the program can vary but is typically around $0.5 to $1 per survey. The rewards can be used to purchase items from the Google Play Store or to make in-app purchases.

Google Opinion Rewards is a great way for individuals to earn small amounts of money or credit for providing their opinions on products and services. The surveys are quick and easy to complete, and the rewards can be used to purchase items from the Google Play Store. It’s a win-win situation for both the users and the companies.

It’s important to mention that, Google Opinion Rewards is currently available only in select countries, and the availability of surveys may vary depending on location and user demographics.


In conclusion, there are many ways to make money with Google in 2023. From monetizing your website or blog with Google AdSense to advertising your business with Google AdWords, to creating and selling apps on the Google Play Store, the opportunities are endless. YouTube Partner Program and Google Affiliate Network also offer a platform for content creators and affiliate marketers to earn money. Google Shopping and Google Cloud provide businesses with cost-effective ways to drive more sales and save on infrastructure. And for individuals, Google Opinion Rewards provides a way to earn a small amount of money for providing their opinions. With the right strategy and approach, anyone can tap into the potential of these opportunities and make money with Google in 2023.

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