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How to increase your blog traffic

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This question How to increase Blog traffic is the question that runs through the mind of every blogger.

With constant traffic it means more sales and clicks to a blogger.

Imagine writing a blog post that no one bothers to open and read it. That is all the time a tough feeling for a blogger. Don’t give up on your blog just yet. Go through this post you will find it helpful for your blog and your traffic will begin to rise.

Let me tell you this: You are not alone.

We have all at some point in our blogging journey felt this way.

We have most times imagined that readers will out of the blue find our blog and start reading, but when we face reality and see that really readers won’t really magically find our blog, we become frustrated.  Building an audience is a really great work to do as a blogger.

In this post we will only look at how to increase blog traffic. How to be a blogger and how to start blogging have been treated in other posts.

But how can one increase blog traffic?

We will seek to find an answer to this question in the paragraphs that follow.

These strategies am about giving you are tested strategies. I have used them for my blog and they have worked for me and are still working. If you religiously follow what will be given here, in the coming weeks you will see the numbers and the graph on the analytics increasing on a daily basis.

Reading them alone and not applying what is given will not work the magic for you. You have to apply, apply and apply again as I also do to keep my traffic constantly going up.

Are you ready?

How to increase your blog traffic

Constantly write

Constantly writing will help keep increasing your blog visitors because they will find something new and interesting to read.

Not only will your readers come by themselves, research have shown that Google prioritizes that blog that constantly write therefore ranking them higher on the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

To get featured by the search engines, update your blog regularly.

Create viral posts

Studies have shown that blogs that create viral contents get more traffic than those who don’t know who don’t. Some blog don’t create it partly because they don’t know how to create viral contents.

Viral contents or posts are posts that have click-worthy headlines.

Blogs posts with great headlines according to Neil Patel gets 8 out 10 clicks.

That is 80% of the total clicks and leaving other blogs with just 20% to share.

Share on social media

Another sure way of getting more traffic to your blog is to promote your new blog posts on social media such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, linkedIn, Instagram etc.

Customers nowadays spend considerable amount of time on social media. Sharing your posts with them on social media will get them to visit your site and read your new post.

If you create great contents social media will drive great traffic to your site.

Include picture in your posts

It has been shown by research that blog posts with picture get more readership than those who don’t have.

The pictures not only make the content visually appealing to visitors, you can also optimize the images for search engines using the alt and image title to get ranked by Search Engines.

When you write a blog post it is good practice to link to posts within your site (inbound linking) and also other companies and sites you mention (outbound linking).

Google likes it when you give out links to other sites. Those sites will also see that you are linking to them and might also choose to link back to you which will boast your Domain Authority as a blogger.

Always make it a habit to link to other sites apart from your own this will not only help those sites but will also help you rank higher on search Engines.

Target the right keywords

Keyword targeting is what help you appear on top of SERP.

Ensure that every page on your site has a keyword strategy. Always make sure you have the right key phrase in your posts that you strongly believe readers will use to search for your article online.

Ensure the key phrase is included in your headline and in titles within the posts, appear at least four times in the body of post.

This will help search Engines understand what the page is all about and they will rank you higher on the SERP.

Target long-tail keywords because that is what users mostly type in their browsers’ search bar.

Understand your niche

Understanding your niche or industry will help you target the right audience and that means more traffic to your blog site.

You might be interested in so many things quite unrelated but posting about everything you like will confuse your readers and they will not know what to actually read on your blog.

In as much as you will want to write about everything, resist the urge and choose a particular topic to write on.

Choose a particular niche and go by it. Provide them with great contents on it and they will keep coming back to read your blog.

Niche down Dear blogger.

Add sharing buttons

At the top or bottom of your blog contents include the social media sharing buttons for your readers to share your contents with family and friends.

Imagine the traffic each share is going to generate to your site.

Never forget to add social media sharing buttons to your contents.

While it good to have sharing buttons always make sure you share your posts too so others can read.

Re-share past posts

Revisit and share your past contents on social media so that your readers will visit and read again.

People are not all on twitter or Facebook at the same time. So sharing your past articles again will help someone find what he is looking for.

It does not matter when those contents are created. Share them again.

Add videos

Adding videos to your blog contents helps keep the balance for your readers.

Readers want something visually appealing. Dropping a video once in a while for them will have them come back and even share your posts.

Spend on promoting your contents

Once in a while you can choose to boast your posts using Facebook ads to reach more audience.

You can spend as little as 10 dollars or more to sponsor a post and reach at least a thousand to twenty thousand people.

Remember what Neil Patel said? Contents with good titles get 80% clicks.

What does this mean for 20,000 people reached through sponsored posts on social media?

Think about that.

Accept guest posts

When you accept guest writers on your blog, it will mean that you will have more contents on your blog that you do not have to stress yourself to write.

By having them to write for you they definitely share their work on your blog with their circle which means an increased traffic for your blog.

They might as well invite you to write for their own blogs which will open up a whole new opportunity to gain more readers for your blog.

Hope you find this post interesting and impactful.

Don’t forget to share with family and friends.

Let me know of some other ways to increase blog traffic in the comments sections.

Thanks for coming.

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