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How to create a viral content today

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How to create viral contents

Viral Contents
How to create a viral content

Every blogger’s dream is to always create a viral content that will get up to 2,500 views and above in a day and more and more views month in and month out.

But not every blogger creates a viral content even though they wish to.

Blogging is not just about writing contents but also having some ability to do something with your posts.

While it is difficult to create one, I am here to show how to do it the easy way.

We have wondered at how the authors of blog posts that go viral did it. Its simple if you are ready to put in the work.

While it is difficult to create viral posts, it is possible to make one.

We ask how such a post can go that go viral.

It has nothing to do with how expert one is in creating contents. Once you pull the viral trigger, Boom! There you go. The content goes viral and an increased traffic to your site will be experienced.

After reading and applying what is in here, you will no longer worry about generating traffic to your site but will only be concerned with turning those generated traffic into cool cash………..Everyone likes cash you know.

It is not going to happen overnight but with time and consistency you will pull through.


In this section of the post “How to create viral contents” we are going to look at the meaning of some words before going deep into the post.


What does viral actually means?

Viral means to rapidly spread from one thing to another.

So what does Viral Contents mean?

Viral Contents

Viral contents are contents that rapidly spread from an internet or web user to another.

It is relating to creating great contents that get hugely shared across social media and the internet.

To achieve “virality” you need to create great and engaging contents.

Reasons Contents go Viral

There are three main reasons why contents get shared and go viral.

For a post or content to go viral it must have these qualities according to Neil Patel.

Possess ethical appeal

Appeal to emotions

Contain justifiable and logical appeal

Once a post possesses these qualities it will go viral and keep driving traffic to a site constantly.

How to create Viral Contents

The way a content creator prepares a post for Virality is clearly given below.

Follow it religiously to learn how to create really engaging contents that get shared across social media and achieve virality.

Check viral websites for clues

To write viral contents, visit websites with viral posts and see how they prepare their work and take lessons from them.

You can copy their ideas and apply it to yourself when creating contents.

Instead of taking so much time to see how you can create yours, model those sites instead and write like them. Do what they do. Write how they write and you will achieve Virality.

Check to see what makes you want to click on their headlines and why you want to share their contents on social media and apply it to your contents.

You might not want to write your post like theirs but you can get some clarity on writing viral contents and carry on from there.

Use viral marketing tool

Marketing is always about measurement. Whether you are running a business online or offline you will need a way to try and connect to your customers. Using the viral marketing tools will help you reach more people in no time. A tool help you reach more people. Tools help you save time. Spend less and earn more.

Just take a second to imagine the world without the tools you are using right now. Without your mobile phone, Computers, Cars and electricity. Life would have been tough for us.

Just as the tools mentioned above makes life easier for us, the viral content marketing tools will help you easily make your posts go viral and you will outrank and beat your competition whom are not not using it.

These tools help you automate the sales process, Rank high on Google, generate more leads and so on. When it comes to making posts go viral, you need the content marketing tools at your disposal.

Content marketing tools


Linktrackr is an online content marketing tool that helps contents creators know where exactly their links are, what is not working and the number links they have as their contents go all over the world on the web.

With this tool is it pretty much easy to point how far a link has been shared. This tool made it really easy to track links.

Initially used to track affiliate links on site, Linktrackr is now being used in a crafty way by intelligent content marketers to track ads and contents campaigns.

Contents creators or bloggers do email outreach. How do they know who clicked the links placed in it? Linktrackr helps them to do the magic.

To make your post go viral use Linktrackr to track the links.


Timing is the key to virality.

Trendspottr is a tool that helps you to stay on top of the trending issues on a particular subject matter especially trending topics.

Timing is the key to virality because if people are looking to get information at a particular product or thing and you produce a helpful article on that topic then there is a tendency, very high, that your post will go viral.

If you are the first to hear about a particular topic and you are also one of those to create contents around it then your post if going to get shared by many and your post will go viral.

Trendspottr works more like Google trends just its versatility is more than that of Google trends. It also has a user-friendly dashboard. A single email in your inbox could set you on the way to creating a really great viral content.


It has a rapid fanbase and an unquenchable thirst for sharing great contents. Tumblr is a content marketing tool  that can be used to share contents fast and widely.

With the combination of content marketing and social networking tumblr has the ability to share and make contents go viral especially ones that are inspiring, funny and really valuable.

As a blogger or a content marketer you are not limited on what to promote on tumblr. You can post videos, texts, audio, link, photo or even chat. Provided it will bring satisfaction to your followers and their Loved ones your posts will be made to go viral by having your readers share it.

The key to going viral on tumblr is to produce great content that people will enjoy reading and share.  

Create interactive contents

Except a post is interactive enough, it will be boring to read and even get a share for it to go viral. So be interactive in your viral content creation.

Creating an interactive or engaging contents is a way to create really contagious posts that will get enough shares on social media and go viral.

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Aside having a nice headline and great layout, interactivity is something readers of the 21st century would Love to see in your post. Imagine a reader not spending up to a minute reading a post that is supposed to be a five or even seven minutes read. That will show how boring your contents are. Always make sure you create engaging contents. Go to sites you hope to model and see how things are done in it.

While it will take a little bit more time to produce really contagious, engaging or interactive contents it will always be worth the time because readers will reward you for the good and hard work put in to produce a great piece.

Power behind creating viral contents

There is a power behind everything including producing great contents that go viral.

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The power of persuasion

Understand that persuasion is not the acting or forcing people to do things against their wills, but giving them that gentle push to go for what they want.

Timing is a major player in the game of persuasion. If they are going to take action and do whatever you are asking them to do with your content, you should know the right time to ask.

Don’t just be satisfied with the interest they might be showing in your products, they need something more- inner drive. Give them that nudge to stir something in them so they will really move and do what you are asking them to do.

Using the techniques of persuasion in your contents will not only get more people to click and share your contents but also generate more and more leads where you can easily convert them.

Surprising content

Apart from timing, post that dropped unexpectedly but is of great value to your readers tend to attracts more clicks and shares on social media.

So always make it a habit to surprise your audience with great posts and value and they also share it with family and friends due to its characteristics of being surprising and really unexpected.


There is great power and wonder behind creating viral contents. While starting out might seem tough and not yielding any result, never give up on it, it will go viral with time.

While you can get great traffic with having viral contents on your site , you can also drive traffic to your site if you have a good contents marketing strategy.

Rome was not built in day. You cannot have viral content starting out. You have to work and read posts like this to know how to create one.

Also note that contents that appeals to emotions go viral when the other factors that make contents go viral are in the equation.

Try to make your readers laugh always because they say- laughter is the best medicine.

Is there any other virality secret you know apart from these one?

Please let me know in the comments section.

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