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How to Become an Infopreneur

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How to be an Infopreneur

How to be Infopreneur

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This post is going to be an in depth explanation of what it take be an Infopreneur. I will Share some personal experiences with you as we go and also share some ideas with you that will help you on the road to becoming an Infopreneur.

I believe and feel that as an Infopreneur who earns great amount of money even while studying in the university, I am in the right position to bring you this article – How to be an Infopreneur.

You know there are many ways that lead to Entrepreneurship.  We have different Entrepreneurs who are into different things but the goals are the same – Solve problems in the community.

Some entrepreneurs create Digital products and services, others bring ideas to improve lives, and other entrepreneurs work to improve an existing idea. It doesn’t matter which route is taken to entrepreneurship as far the problems in the communities are being solved.  

There is another mode of Entrepreneurship that I want us to talk about today. It is even more in line with the world we are today – Digital age.

This new route to Entrepreneurship is called the Infopreneurship.

An infoprenuer is someone who Collects, Organises and sell Digital product mainly in a niche market.

The term Infopreneur is coined from the two English words Information and Entrepreneur.

You can simply define Infopreneur as someone who sells Digital information products for profit motives.

An Infopreneur sells only Digital products instead of a physical products and services.

For example if I know that there 1000 people who are looking to learn Blogging and start making money online, all I will do is write and eBook or create a video content showing them how to blog the right way and earn money.

In this case I sold them a digital course, instead of a physical product. That is what an Infopreneur does. They meet market demands by selling Soft products.

The key to making money is by meeting a demand.

This is a win-win kind of Business.

You make money on the process and the people who buy your product will gain the value packed in it.

You are happy and they are happy.

Anyone with a computer and a good internet connection can start a journey to Infopreneurship by selling a niche product and earn a lot of money while adding value to the lives of his customers.

Infopreneurship is a form of Entrepreneurship and to become a great Entrepreneur one should know all it takes to be an Entrepreneur.

Am here to help you as an Infopreneur

As someone who is earning monthly selling Digital products am here to help you a TON of tips to helps you start a journey to Infopreneurship as well.

What I will be sharing is not what I read or heard someone saying it. It is something I applied to my Digital product including The Blogging Master class – From Amateur to a pro Blogger and my free E-book Step by Step Guide to Email Marketing.

So let us start on this note.

Advantages of being an Infopreneur

1. You need little or no money to start

One of the things that hold people back is how to get money to start a Business.

So many Businesses fail because of this simple reason. So the advantage of being an Infopreneur is that you need little or no money at all to start.

In Infopreneurship all you need is do is to create a product once and sell it to as many people as possible without having to print anything or re-create something.

All you have to do is create the product one and keep selling it. The coolest thing about it is that it can be sold anytime of the day even while you sleep. Once you set the system in place you are done.

Write once and sell it many times.

2. It is a Location-independent Business

Location independent business are businesses that can be operated from anywhere in the world.

Businesses like blogging, affiliate marketing are examples of location independent businesses.

You can be right in the heart of London and sell it somewhere down there in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I have sold my products to people far from me without having to step out of the door for a minute.

This is something that made Infopreneurship perfect for a hustler of this age.

3. Can be outsourced

If you feel too busy or just lazy to create the product yourself, you can outsource it to an expert in that field to prepare the product for you so you will pay him.

Once the product has been created it is all yours to sell and re-sell as many numbers as you want.

If you pay him $200 to create it and you sell each one at $50, it means you only have to sell to four copies and you have your investment back. Any other sale that will be made is all yours and a profit to you.

4. There is always a demand

There is always a Demand for Digital information products in the world.

Let me give you an example with my home country, Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country with more than 200 Million people living within its borders and on daily basis people are buying smart phones and having access to the internet. The need for Digital information products is directly proportional to the number of internet users.

All around the Globe more and more people are having access to the internet daily.

We are in an information and knowledge economy now where people pay you for what you know than what you do.

The internet has shown us that we can get instantly what we want and that has seem to increase our hunger for instant gratification.  That is why there is an ever increasing demand for Digital products.

Supply the Demand. People want what you can offer.

Now let us look at exactly why you are here – How to become an infopreneur…….

How to become an infopreneur

1. Pick a Niche

The first step toward creating a successful Digital information product is picking a Niche.

What is even a niche you might be asking now?

Niche is a gap to be filled.

A Niche is not just some segments of people but a need that needs to be met.

Example of Niches:

People with interest in solving business problems (There are thousands of people out there looking to solve a business problems and they are searching for information daily)

People who are interested in solving health issues (There are many people having some health issues and search daily online for the solution to their problems)

People who are interested in acquiring a skill (People looking for knowledge and information to learn or acquire a new skill online)

The list can keep going on and on.

To able to pick the right niche and create an information product there are tools that can be used for market research.

Some of these tools are free, while others are paid for. All offer good services though, but you cannot compare the paid and free ones.

These are tools that help you to know what the market demand is for those products you want to sell even before creating it and knowing the intent for those searches on the internet.

Most people search things online with intent to learn about a particular topic.

Knowing the intent is the key to creating information products that the people out there will buy and that means you are not creating a product for no one. You have to create a product around a niche that people will be ready to pay to learn.

2. Choose Your Format

There are so many formats to a Digital information product you as an infopreneur have a choice to choose from any of them you feel you can connect most to your target audience.

Common and high paying niches are:

  • eBook:  An eBook is a form of a lengthy writing mostly 20 pages and above explaining or teaching something to people. It is basically a word or text document converted to a PDF and sold to people based on what they want to read about or learn.

You might be asking how on earth an eBook can sell…….You will see how.

  • Tutorials: These are step by step processes showing people how to do one thing or the other.

Most time they are videos but they can also be in form of eBooks with screenshots and other picture of steps to be taken to perform something.

  • Video/Courses: Videos are mostly not tutorials. Videos are employed when you feel your customers need to see something practically done and not just read or hear it.

It can be minutes or hours long, depending on what you are trying to cover.

Personally I use the three above for learning and creating information products.

Most of my information products are in video formats, but eBook is the simplest to create and it the most common Digital information product out there.

                When starting the journey to Infopreneurship, start with an eBook.

3. Create a Landing Page

You have to make it easy for people to be able to buy your Digital information product from anywhere they are buying.

That will be achieved through the help of a landing page.

A landing page is one paged website that you can build with wordpress page builders like elementor. It must not be a fancy or sophisticated website. Just one paged with a button on it for them to click and be able to buy your eBook.

Make sure you explain everything about your product on the landing page for people to read before purchasing your product.

Get yourself a landing page now.

4. Send Targeted Traffic to your Landing Page

Never sit there and expect people to find you organically. No. Spend some money on ads and send traffic to your landing page for people make a purchase.

Some people create a product and wait for people to go to them. Don’t be like some people. Create your products and go to the people with it and they will buy.

Take advantage of targeted traffic by running ads on sites like face, instagram or twitter and even facebook. They all offer a range of cheap ads for small businesses. Business today is relatively easier and cheaper when it comes to running ads unlike in the age where you have only radio and newspaper.

Note that for you to get the needed traffic to your landing page; you need to run ads the right way.

You have three choices to run ads the right way.

You either pay someone to run it for you, you go online or try to learn for free or pay an expert to teach how to do it.

The choice is yours.

But no matter what look for a way to send traffic to your landing page always.

Mistakes Infopreneurs make

As someone who earns from selling Digital information products, I know some mistakes people starting out make because I have made some of them. I am telling you this today so you can avoid them when you start your own.

Four mistakes Infopreneurs make

1. I am not good enough

Most people think they are not good enough to teach something to the knowledge hungry people out there and they never really make it that big or go far in journey.

This is the number one kind of fear people experience and it is so some extent justifiable.

Why is it a justifiable fear? Because Infopreneurship is all about creating a Digital information product that adds value to the lives of people out there. So having that fear of not being able to add value to someone’s life is at least justifiable but am not encouraging that.

Most online experts who teach people how to be Infopreneurs teach people to create products around things they know or are passionate about. What if that which you have passion for doesn’t have a high market demand or no demand at all?

This is where the problem is lying.

Not all people have things they are passionate about or things worth sharing except if there is a market for what they know.

Teaching people to just create product around their hobbies without considering the market around such a product to me is not a good advice.

Instead, people should create information products around what people are searching for and want to learn.  

Are you seeing the difference here?

Not all people can create a digital information product around what they love but I believe that everyone can go on a research and create a product around what people are searching for and are willing to pay and learn.

That was my defining moment.

How would you know what people are searching for?

I told you about Google trends above. Use it.

Since I discovered that the fear of what to offer people disappeared like bubbles. This discovery is capable of making almost everyone an infopreneur just by taking time to choose a niche. Choosing a niche can take just a day or a week for some people.

You know what? People don’t care about what your hobbies are. They are looking for where the solution to their problems are and thats all. They don’t care about all those experiences or passion.

2. Am not Techy

This is something people tell me often. “Jesse you know I am not techy as you are”.

If you are still depending and hiding on this excuse then it only exposes your unwillingness to make money online or change your life using the online tools.

Life is simplified now.

There was a time in which to make a simple website for your business cost way too much for a small business owner to have one. Today you can have a domain for as low as $3.99 and hosting for something less than $30 dollars and set up your website in less than 48 hours.

The good news is you don’t have to write a line of code to have a website set up all by yourself. You can take advantage of platforms like WordPress or Blogger.

Or if you don’t want to do anything at all you can use platform like teachable, they will you set up your product and make it available for people online.

Always be open to learning what you don’t know instead of giving the excuse that you are not techy.

Don’t let something you could learn in minutes stop you from starting a business that will help you earn a passive income with less stress.

3. Online Business is Magic

Stop making the mistake that Online Business is a magic or people doing it are magicians.

One thing about people starting out is that they lack the patience to stick around a little.

They always expect to make sales on the first day. You can actually make great number of sales on the first day but it is not always like that.

Having the patience to carry on is one of the keys to making progress on the journey to Infopreneurship.

Building a great a business is not something that happens overnight. Calm down and keep knocking and your breakthrough will come.

Time is needed and some testing has to be done as well.

What would you do if you lunch your digital product and didn’t make any sales?

What do you do here?

Would you quickly say this does not work or you will go back to the roots and check where you are getting it all wrong and ask some questions such as below:

Maybe the product is not a good one and people are not having interest it?

Maybe my ad targeting is not working right and I need to learn how to make it spot on?

Maybe I should create some more info products and test them to see which is performing better?

Maybe I should hang on a little bit and see how my product will perform in a week or so before finally giving up on it?

Creating a digital product information or businesses entirely, both online and offline, is not magic they don’t happen overnight.  Patience is the key.

You have to always be open to new ideas and also drop old ones that you know will not work for you and be ever ready to go back to your root to check what is wrong.

This is a mistake you should never make when it comes to marketing your products online.

Never believe the lie that “If your product is good, people will find it”.

This is the most deadly business advice you would ever follow. It makes no sense at all.

If you want to make money you have to invest in paid ads so as allow you to put your product right in front of the people buying at the marketplace.  

This is an advice you should follow whether your business is online or offline.

The big boys in the world of business like MTN, Coca-cola, Google, Amazon, Ali express, Uber, DSTV and many more are always promoting their products and services online or on the TV even though they can get followers and customers without promoting because they have become house hold names. They can still be getting more customers for many years without having to spend a dime on marketing or ads, but they keep on doing that always. This is to show you how important paid ads are to businesses.

So how would you as beginner, small business owner, entrepreneur or an infopreneur depend only on organic searches and not work to using paid ads and marketing to put your product in front the buyers out there?

You have Facebook, YouTube and instagram who lets you put your products in front of people while spending as low as $10 to show your products to tens of thousands of people.

Take of advantage of the paid ads and the Facebook marketplace to make your product visible to world.

Spend the money to put your ads in front of the people.

5. Not having the right Guidance.

Anytime you are starting a business you will need guidance whether that business is an online or offline business.

Whether you use books, videos, tutorials or visit consultants, it does not matter. Just get yourself educated on the business you are going to start.

Make sure you also get someone who is experienced in the field and learn from him. That will do a lot of good to your business and yourself.

If you have a law case, go meet the lawyer

If your has car issues, go to the mechanic

If your toilet needs to be fixed, go to the plumber

Go to the right man for every issue you face.

You need to create a digital products, go to an infopreneur.

Go to a business guru for training and advice that is what I am saying.

Don’t ever say you know something. Always assume you know nothing. Go and learn new things always.

Begin your journey to becoming an infopreneur now.

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