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Home Based Business Ideas for you

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Home based business Ideas

Home Based Business Ideas

Running a Home based business is pretty sweet and nice if its your own thing to do. You know some cannot get along with working from home…Maybe to avoid a nagging spouse…..We don’t know. We shall talk about home based business ideas today.

In my last post I talked about how to start a home based business and I decided to bring the ideas of home based businesses your way so you can choose one or two to start with.

I suggest you go back and read the article “How to Start a Home Based Business” (link above) before going further. That is more like a prerequisite to this one. We are not in the school though…..

So am not here today to talk much about home based businesses but to show some you can start right away.

8 Home Based Businesses you can Start Right away

Below are the eight home based businesses you can right away. You can start some of the businesses with little or no capital at all.

1. Write eBooks

This is a cool home based business to start if you have the passion for writing. You know passion is useless if you cannot monetize it.

You can write your eBook and sell out at a price you wish to sell at.

The good news is people will keep on buying the eBook once its done and you will not have to be going back to it to add anything. All you have to do is go and start working on another one.

Am currently working on one and hope that brings me my first million dollar.

Don’t laugh at my dreams please. If I achieve it the laugher will recoil to you. And no one would like to laugh at himself you know…….Sorry I joke a lot.

2. Become a baker

Baking is absolutely fun. I enjoyed it when a Friend of mine taught me how to bake cake sometime last year. She asked me to bake this year and I stood there looking at her – I’ve forgotten the entire process.

But it is fun. She makes lot of money baking from home and supplying to the local provision store in the neighborhood.

She spends not up to 10 hours a week baking and she makes a lot to help her buy what she wants. The cool thing she is a student and she still finds time to study.

If you are a student looking for a business idea, I have prepared 7 business Ideas for a college student just for you to read and get the ideas and start the business right away.

3. Become a Blogger

Blogging is as well a cool home based business. I consider it as my business and as I write this article am somewhere in my student apartment writing and enjoying the process.

Becoming a blogger is not a hard thing. Just the right knowledge will get you started and you will also start making some cool cash writing from home.

To make it easy I have prepared an article on how to know if you were born a blogger so you can know where to start.

Some people are not born bloggers but they are bloggers today. How did that happen under the heavens? Well they dedicated time to learning and making themselves one.

To make the process easy for you I have created a blogging course for you – The blogging Master Class – from amateur to pro blogger to help you learn blogging and avoid the mistakes newbies make in blogging that cost them everything.

Students who have taken the course have confessed that it is one of the best online courses they ever taken.

4. Sell digital products

What are digital products you might be asking? Well Digital products are software products sold online. These are products such as selling online courses like the blogging course I told you about in the point above. They can be eBook teaching people how to use to prepare a particular dish or something.

People want what you have. Don’t hold it to yourself. Offer the value you have for money.

5. Dropshipping store

So many people nowadays shop online. You can set up a dropshipping business from the comfort of your home.

In dropshipping you don’t come in contact with the product you are selling. You only stand between the supplier and buyer and the supplier send the products direct to the buyer once you have made the purchase with the buyer’s address.

Dropshipping is different from affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing too is a business you can comfortably run from the comfort of your home. I have a comprehensive guide on Affiliate marketing you can go through it to know what affiliate marketing is.

6. Become a web designer/developer

So many businesses and organisations in this generation are coming online and they need website to have an online presence.

With that the demand for web designer/developers are in high demand.

There are many places you can start your journey to becoming to a web developer. Udemy and even Aqskill are such platforms you can learn from.

7. Graphics Design

If you can create a high quality, good-looking flyers, brochures or posters then consider starting you own graphics design business from home.

A friend of mine who is a graphics designer makes more than $100 as student. He works at his leisure time and weekends when there is no lecture.

People make a lot of money freelancing as graphics designers on fiverr and upwork. You can consider signing up with them to work for people all around the world.

8. Become a remote English teacher

While not everyone can teach English, I believe a handful of you here can do that.

So many people especially Asians want to learn to speak English.

You can become a remote English teacher and offer the lessons virtually at your convenient time.


Working from home can be pretty sweet. All you have to do is to wake up in the morning, fire some laptop or a tablet right in the comfort of your bedroom and start working.

You don’t have to worry about commuting to work and spending long hours in the traffic jams.

An advantage of home based businesses that can be operated online is that you can work from anywhere. You can decide to go on vacations somewhere on one of the islands in Asia and still work while enjoying yourself.

But that doesn’t happens so easily you have to put the right input before getting the result you want.

What other Home based business Ideas do you know about?

Tell us in the comments section.

Thanks for reading Home based business ideas today.

Don’t forget to share with family and friends.

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