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Managerial Skills: Five Skills every Manager should Develop

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Managerial Skills

Managerial Skills: Five Skills every Manager should Develop

Infographic: Five Managerial skills every manager should develop
Infographic: Five Managerial skills every manager should develop

The office of the manager is a very important part of every organisation. The Failures and Successes of an organisation are attributed to bad or good management. In this article we shall take a look at the five managerial skills every manager should develop to be able to move his/her organisation forward.

The manager’s role in any organisation needs some level of skills and knowledge to be played well and right.

Below are the skills organisations look for to place someone in the management role in their organisation.

Five Skills every Manager should Develop

Do you hope to be manager someday or just looking to upgrade yourself in the management role? This article is for you.  Go through it and religiously apply what is contained inside and you will in no time become a better manager.

Technical skills

The knowledge of activities involving methods, procedures and process is called Technical Skills.

It involves having to work with tools and applying some techniques to able to get tasks done. Technical skill is the ability to apply the knowledge of the procedures, methods and process together to achieve a task.

Doctors, Engineers and even accountants have some technical skills applied in their respective fields. Managers too at the Lower and the higher level also need technical skills to carry out some functions.

An example is this: Mechanics use tools to work and repair faulty Engines. Their supervisors should be able to use these tools so they can train the mechanics when the need arises.

Accountants too use some techniques in their works at all stages and levels of their work.

These skills are essential at the supervisory level or first-level management.

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Conceptual Skills

This is simply the ability to see the Big Picture. It is the ability to also understand the relationship between different elements coming into an organisation.

Conceptual skill helps the manager get the ability to coordinates his organisations interest and schedules.

It involves having the ability to really visualize the Organisation or Business in its entirety and envision all the duties to be carried out in every situation in the Organisation and understanding that all parts in the business depend on one another and how a change in one can affect all other parts.

It is crucial for a manager to think in the abstract and holistically view the organisation. This is a skill that if missing in an organisation or in a manager, the entire business might be headed for doom.

Bringing new technology like computer technology, introducing a new product in the company or going to the international market scene, to able to bring all these; the manager requires the conceptual skill.

Communication Skill

A good communication and interpersonal skill for manager cannot be overemphasized in a company or organisation.  This is needed to be able to properly and clearly convey ideas to all members of the organisation.

A manager’s job is to coordinate and be a guide to other managers in the organisation for better running of affair in the business or company.

A manager cannot coordinate and guide effectively if communication and interpersonal skills is lacking in his personality.

A manager’s ability to motivate, interact and control the organisation is what communication and interpersonal skills are.

The communication skill is needed by every manager to discharge their responsibilities as Managers.

Decision Making

In simple terms, a manager’s job is to make decisions that will make an organisation move forward and in the right direction and get the organisations goals crushed.

The decision making skill is manager’s senses of seeing an opportunity, taking it and also seeing threats from a far and putting the measures in place to avoiding the problem or cushion it effect on the company.

Managers don’t always make the best of decisions.

Good manager learn from their mistakes and miscalculations made in the past and try to apply the knowledge gained as a result of experience in the next decision making exercise.

The more mistakes made by an intelligent manager, the better and better decision making skill they gain in the process.

Attending trainings and seminars is also a great avenue for a manger to learn more of decision making skills.

Analytical Skills

A good manager should have at his disposal the Diagnostics and Analytical skill to help an organisation in cases of need of a rapid response or decision making.

Analytical skill refers to the ability to identify the Key variables in any situation. This skill will help a manager know how to approach some situation.

The manager still with the analytical skill will have the ability to visualize the results of the approaches he took towards some situations.

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How the Managerial skills are connected

Looking at it closely you will see that all the managerial skills explained above are all relate to one another in some way. This means that failure in one part affects the whole of the organisation.

This is to tell you that you cannot be a complete and a competent manager without acquiring all the five managerial skills listed above.

A manager should be able to apply all five skills where and when needed to sustain the life of a company or an organisation.

To make any decision the conceptual and analytical skill is needed to read the situation and make the best of Decision.

Collecting information or Data to make decision requires the communication skills to be invoked in this case. Having no go communication skills might lead to misinformation thereby getting the wrong output and making a destructive Decision.

All the skills above point to the decision making skill because that is all an organisation needs to run well.


As a manager or someone hoping to take a managerial job in the future you should focus on developing the Managerial skills explained above and also acquire some entrepreneurial skills in cases of business decisions that require you to think entrepreneurially.

While bad decisions cannot be avoided, taking courses and attending seminars can help a manager acquire the necessary skills to move an Organisation forward.

“Experience is the best teacher” they say. Not even attending training and seminars can stop a manager from making bad decisions, but experience can. So as a manager always see ways to learn from your mistakes and building great management skills upon your mistakes.

Hope you enjoyed reading my Blog today…..

What other Managerial skills do you know? Share with us in the comments section. We will be glad to read and apply them.

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