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Five side hustle ideas before quitting your job

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These days we are bombarded by stories of how someone quit his job or “Sacked” his boss for a better job. A side hustle can help you build a business and sack your boss.

While quitting your current job to look for something else to do because you are not earning enough is a better idea, the bitter truth is that you will never earn enough as far as money is concerned.

In this post today we will explore five side hustle ideas you can start and make extra income as you continue your job. These five side hustle idea can let you make much more money than your job and from there you can quit your job.

Quitting your job is not always the right thing to do. You can start a side hustle to help you fill the financial gap you wish to have covered.

If you are looking for a way to earn an extra income with a side hustle, you would definitely have ways to make some money.

Thanks to the internet and the convenience it brought to the world. It does not matter where you are from or what you are doing for a living, making money from a side hustle should not be a problem.

With the world at our fingertips, if you can tap the endless opportunities the internet has created you can make money from a side hustle even you are in the desert with only your device to connect to the internet, food and water to drink.

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The side hustle ideas

The ideas shared below offer a quick way of making money from a side hustle. Some requires much of your time while others require less. Anyway choose one or two that fits to your skills. Make sure to deliver more value in doing them.

You might be looking for a side hustle but don’t know where to start. This guide will help choose right one and starting making extra money while maintaining your job.

Five side hustle ideas before you quit your job

Coupled with the pandemic and rising cost of living in most parts of the world, more and more people are thinking of a way to earn an extra income to take care of their needs. This article will show you how.

Are you ready for this great journey?

Okay……………lets ride!

1. Become a virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants or simply V.As earn about $100-$1000 monthly depending on their skills and how clients are ready to pay.

The work of a virtual assistant is to book real-estate appointments, provide customer services or even support Ecommerce sites.

They are independent contractors who provide administrative services outside the office of the client.

They typically work from home but can have access to the documents they need to have access to in the office over a network.

With the internet, new opportunities are opening up to people with skills of content management, internet marketing, graphics design and blog post writing.

Working from home is gradually becoming a norm for both employees and employers hence the need for more virtual assistants.

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2. Online tutoring

What skills do you have that can be taught online?

Can you teach people how to prepare a particular dish; can you teach web design, graphics design, and blogging and software development?

It must be the things listed above. What about teaching a language online?

This is a side hustle you can embark on after closing from your work.

People selling online courses are making huge dollars online these days.

Online tutoring can bring you $100-$1000 dollars monthly.

The advantages of selling an online course are that you will not always have to come on to make it. Once you have recorded it and put it online, you will only be updating from time to time. It consumes less time compared to other ones that will need you to be there always.

3. Sell products online

You can decide to start selling products online. This too is a side hustle that has brought more dollars to many. Some people have left their jobs to concentrate on this.

You can choose to sell commoditized products or Niche products.

Commoditized products are in demand products that everyone need. They are essential products. They are Products like foods, clothes, kids’ toys and more.

Niche products are goods and services that customers need based product category.

They are mostly handmade products. Wrist watches, necklace and so on.

4. Transcribing

If you can type very fast there are online jobs for that. You can earn $10-$30/hr.

You can apply for such jobs if you can. Some agencies pay per page.

This may be a good option for a side hustle.

5. ESOL teaching

What does ESOL stands for you might ask.

ESOL stand for English for Speakers of other Language.

You might not be from the US or UK but if you know the Language well enough to teach others this can serve as a side hustle too.

Many people are looking to learn English than any other language in world right now.

Countries like china have huge demand for such services.


The problem with these side hustles is that they still make you an employee.

They don’t give you the freedom or create an asset for you to make money.

You can use the income from the side hustle to create a business of your own that really gives you the money you want.

Try as much as you can to create a side hustle that makes passive income even while you are asleep.

You must not have much experience before you start an online job; all you will need is your device to connect to the internet and the time you need to dedicate to growing the business.

I hope you have gotten much value to helping you make a little more extra income in to your bank account.

What other side hustle do you know someone can venture into aside the five listed above? I would like to know about them. Let me know in the comments section.

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