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Differences between a blog and website

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Difference between a blog and a website

Differences between a blog and website

Hi there welcome again to my blog. Am glad to be talking to you today about the differences between a blog and a website.

I have heard this question so many times but the answers given to people on blogs and verbally are not convincing enough for me so I decided to produce this in-depth article on the clear differences between a Blog and a Website.

It is not much difference actually but a clear difference. We shall take a look at the similarities between the two, see how they differ and how and where they are used and the kind of contents contained in both.

Before going into the differences between a blog and a website let us first look at their definitions so we will understand better what they mean and how they differ.

Difference between a blog and a website
Differences between a blog and a website.


In this section of the difference between a blog and a website we shall see what the terms mean and what they actually are.

Although both are technically websites we shall see how they differ going forward.

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What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website in which contents appear in a reversed chronological order or manner (Newer blog posts appear first before the old ones).  Blog contents are always in a form of blog posts and are always dynamic. Contents or the blog entirely are updated frequently to achieve optimum performance and keep visitors engaged. So many blogger post more than three blog posts daily.

Blogs are mostly powered by content management systems (CMS) like wordpress, blogger or jumla. Content management systems have change the blogging game entirely making it easy for blogger to manage and operate their blog sites.

If you are considering starting your own blog and how to make money from it I recommend you read How to start blogging to guide you on the way from buying domain and hosting to design and making money from it.

Blogs today are the most visited and popular sites in the whole world. Blogs like Huffington post, Business insider and the daily beast record more than 15 million visitors monthly.

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What is a website?

A website is a Location on the internet which comprise of one or more webpages.

They are hosted over the web on web hosting services which allows the webpages to be visited or accessed over a network. The network can be the World Wide Web or an intranet within an organisation.

Websites are used for quite different purposes ranging from Business, organisational use, information, online classes or even personal.

Whatever the use of the website they all have the same objective: They are used to provide visitors with the needed information they are looking for.

Differences between a blog and a website.

Blogs are also type of websites but the difference is that websites are usually static in nature and organised into webpages while Blogs are dynamic i.e. always being updated with post mostly based on trending issues or reader demands.

While websites are mostly used by Government and organisation to pass information to the citizens or members of an organisation, a blog is mostly used by individual to share their voices with the world and to also market their products and services.

Most blogs are monetized by their owner while website because they are used by Governments and Non-governmental originations for majorly passing information they are not monetized.

Websites are used for online registrations and learning while blog even though they also teach new things are not used for online registrations and applying of jobs.

Blogs are run by individuals or a small group of individuals and they present information in a conversational tune while websites are owned by big organisations and they present information in a very formal manner.

A blog post has a comment section where users can comment or ask questions from the blog site admin while a website hardly has such sections.

Content difference of a blog and a website

The kind of contents posted on a blog and a website are quite different as contents on a blog appear as “Posts”, contents on a website are mostly in pages.

Posts which appear on Blogs can be a combination of texts, videos, info graphics, audio, pictures and so on while website pages contain mostly text only and little images.

Posts contain date, author’s name and the categories they fall into. They appear in the blog’s feed while pages appear on the navigational menu.

While a blog can be a website or part of a website, a website is a not blog. The difference here is this: A website can a have a blogs section where they can contain posts explaining things like how to prepare a particular dish. Websites can only contain the pages and some descriptions of a company products and services.

Blogs have post or articles and are organised into categories and tags while websites use pages to organise and show contents.

Websites are used to collect a user feedback by adding a contact form while blogs are used for educating visitors on a topic or issue.

We have been talking about pages and posts but what are the differences?

Posts and pages: The difference

Let us now see the difference between the two – Posts and pages.

As stated earlier, posts are displayed in a reversed chronological order. That is the new ones come first before the old ones. It means that users have to scroll down or move to a next page to see older posts.

On the other hand, pages are static. They hardly change. They are one the about us, contact us, homepage and so on. pages are displayed on the navigation menu.

Pages are used to create a website layout and structure. They are like maps that is why it is called navigational menus on the website which show you where to go and what kind of contents are in it.

Posts are only articles that appear on the blog or website directing you nowhere. They are first thing you see on a blog when you lunch it.

Benefits of blogging

Individuals or companies derive a lot great benefits from blogging. They include:

  • Gives you a platform to better organise your thoughts and Ideas.
  • It lets you share your voice and ideas with the world.
  • For business owners it helps them generate more leads
  • It can be a marketing avenue for eBook writers to market and sell their books online.
  • It also helps online course creators organise and sell their courses.
  • Give you the chance to meet likeminded people over the world. I am in Africa today but I have friends from all over the world because of blogging.
  • Non-profit organisations can use the power of blogging to raise awareness about a particular thing like the coronavirus pandemic.

I hope you gained a lot from this article today.

Please, please, please share with your Loved so they too can get more value.

Leave a comment telling of other differences between a blog and a website below.

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