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7 Off page SEO Techniques to Rank High

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SEO techniques

This post you are about reading contains an affiliate link. It means if you click and make a purchase through the site I will earn a commission (with not extra costs to you). All that is written here are my opinions and I do not accept payment to write positive reviews. We shall discuss different off page SEO techniques today.


SEO Techniques
SEO Techniques

You came to the right place if you are seeking to know the best off-page SEO techniques.

Blogging has fallen among the most profitable businesses in the digital era. In this day and age, almost every business owns a blog to help them get organic visitors and also sell their products online. To really take advantage of this you need to rank on Google and other Search Engines out there.

Another way is to sell products and services online using the various online advertising methods, but those are costly especially if you are just starting out. The whole process of getting organic traffic on Search engines is called search Engine optimization. SEO is one of the Digital Marketing types. The SEO has two aspects to it – The On-page and Off-page SEO. We will focus on the off-page SEO techniques in this post.

I have discussed in this post the off-page SEO techniques you can use to drive traffic organically to your website from Search engines.

It doesn’t matter how old your blog or website is, these off page SEO techniques will push your blog up to the top of the SERP.

You need to understand that your profit as a digital marketer will largely come from organic traffic. These days when people talk about organic traffic they mean Search Engine Optimization Techniques (SEOT).

If you are looking to take your business online you need to know art of both the Off page and the On page SEO.

Let us get into the business of today and explore the best off-page SEO techniques that will get your website from the bottom to top of the SERP.

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What is off-page SEO?

As we seek to learn the off-page SEO techniques we shall stick to Google and Bing the two most popular search engines in the whole world. It means that the strategies you are about see is abiding by the two giant Search Engines’ laid down rules.

Off-page SEO is the process blogger follow to drive traffic to their website by carrying activities not on their website.

When people talk about Off-page SEO, they mostly think of it as backlink building, but it is far beyond just getting a backlink. Lets go on to understand more.

  • On page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

You might find it difficult to believe this, but Google is gradually shifting focus from the off page SEO to the On Page SEO. They are beginning to believe that the quality of your content is what to focus more on. “Content is king” is a very famous say in the SEO world. This is something I follow with everything I have.

The statement means that with the average quality of content, no matter how good you are at the off page SEO you stand a little chance of being indexed by Google.

That might get you a little boast and you will start to rank low with your average content. Your hard work towards off page SEO might be in vain with low quality contents on your blog.

Site visitors don’t like reading low contents. It will make them leave and your site will get a very negative impression from them.

Most people visit blogs to get a solution to their problems, read for fun or entertainment. So they should get the Value they are looking for.

Google panda likes to rewards blogs with high quality contents and neglects the ones with low quality contents.

So if you are taking interest in the off page SEO techniques, don’t entirely forget the On-page SEO techniques to get the right balance so you can rank higher on Search Engine Result Page.

So for that research well and deep to prepare a great content with so much value to your readers and you will get rewarded by Search engines.

Also don’t copy what other bloggers have done related to your topic and claim to be adding value. This is a very dangerous act for your blog. Google and others can black list your blog for that. Create original contents.

You might also be saying that your content is original and valuable but you are not getting noticed by Google. Don’t worry. Keep writing. Google will reward you definitely. You are not getting noticed perhaps because your blog is still new.

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The Best off page SEO techniques to implement

We will cover the best off page SEO techniques to implement in your blog in this section.

1. A good theme

A good, professional and a beautiful theme is required to keep site visitors glued to your post till the end.  There are premium and free themes you can choose from to use for your blog. When using a premium theme don’t use cracked ones.

The best practice is to use light-weighted and responsive themes. Such themes load faster which is a good off page SEO technique.

You can customise your own theme with the help of page builders like Elementor. Elementor is what I used to build this very blog you are reading. It is one of the best page builders in wordpress. So many professionals uses it to design custom themes.

2. Faster server

Hosting plays an important role in the off page SEO though it is largely an On page SEO.

 Success in Blogging depends on the technical setting of the blog. You need a reputable, fast and secure server that can enable your pages load faster.

My Blog, My Entrepreneurs’ Guide is hosted on one of the best hosting service provider. They also have affordable plans for people with low budget. They have fast loading servers and I recommend using Whogohost for your blog.

You can start your blog in less than an hour. As a blogger am pleased with their services. They provide a wordpress quick installation.

3. Guest Posting

Oh boy! You shouldn’t underestimate the power of guest blogging.  It is one of the best off page SEO techniques to boast your ranking. Always include it in your blogging schedules to write for other bloggers’ blogs.

Guest posting helps a lot with link building and backlinks boasts your chances of ranking high on Google.

Develop relationships with Bloggers in your chosen niche and ask to write for them. When they agree write the best blog post you can as writing for yourself.

Give much value in it. Through Guest posting you will get a link back to your site.

This is a way to get back links from authority blogs because if you will wait for them to find your post and link to it will take time and sometimes forever to do that.

4. Use Question and answer platforms

Another great off page SEO technique is to use question and answer platforms like quora to promote your blog.

An advantage of these platforms is that the links you leave in between your answers are mostly do-follow links. Having links, not just any link but a do-follow will present your site to Search Engines as a trusted site and you get to rank high.

5. Use the Social media

One of the powerful off page SEO techniques you can apply to your blog. It is very useful and an important tool in blogging if utilized properly. Never stop sharing your pages with family and friends on the different social media platforms we have.

You can join Social media groups of Blogger to learn more and share Ideas with other bloggers.

6. Take advantage of YouTube and Podcasts

If you can create a podcast or a YouTube channel around your blog its going to bring in a lot of people to the blog.

Make sure to dish out great value in your Podcasts and YouTube channels so it will keep people coming to visit your channels and that will lead to greater traffic for your site.

7. Focus on Blogging as a brand

This is also another great off page SEO technique. If you take Blogging as your Business rather than as your hobby it will make you more serious and focused on building it.

Once you name your blog, introduce yourself everywhere you go as blogger. Present yourself as the proud owner of the blog. Attend seminars and conferences tell them you are you the owner of a blog giving them the name.

Brand a T-shirt, a business card or anything with your site name and contact addresses with your name boldly and proudly written on it as the founder.

What has this got to with off page SEO?


This will make people curious to visit the site once they see the name of the blog on your T-shirt. It will generate another direct kind of visitors on your site.

Some people once they visit your site, they will keep on coming when they find something of value to them.


We have discussed the off page SEO techniques to boast your traffic and ranking on Google and other search Engines. The strategies given here are free to implement.

Reading about this alone will not boast your site’s ranking on Search Engines. Implementing what is embedded in the post is what will help you rank higher.

What other off page SEO techniques do you use?

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