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7 Marketing Mistakes to avoid when you Promote a Business

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Mistakes to avoid when promoting a new business

7 Marketing Mistakes to avoid when one Promote a Business

So many go into business not knowing what actually it means to be in a business. It is only after they have started that they discover it is not as easy as they thought it to be. How can one promote a business?

It is important to avoid making mistakes as you run your business. Only then can your business run smoothly as you want.

I know one cannot entirely avoid mistakes in business. Mistakes are what serve as the lessons that we learn in business, but there are mistakes that can be avoided when one wants to promote a business.

Avoid making these mistakes when you promote a Business:

Common Mistakes to avoid when you promote a Business

1. Lack of clear Objectives

So many people start business without having clear objectives. They fail from the beginning to set realistic goals and as a result they set themselves up for a dead-end. It is important to set a set of goals to be achieved in a business and continue to set them on a quarterly basis or so.

If you don’t have a list of goals and objectives to be crushed, you will be like a car driving with no road map and you will definitely go and crash.

If you and your employees are not well prepared, your company will fail totally.

2. Not analysing your potential Customers

Not analysing your customers is great problem. If you don’t study them to know the kind of products they buy or want, you will never develop a product and Services that will be to their taste.

This mistake is going to have you analysing the wrong market and make you forget totally your marketing niche.

It is good for every business to always analyse their customers so as to avoid targeting the wrong market.

By doing so you can meet your targets and maximise sales and profit.

3. Lack of testing

Whether you went to a business school or not, you cannot know until you test. No wonder the adage that “Experience is the best teacher”.  You have to test your ad copies, product offerings and where you actually advertise by split testing the ads or you will be losing great amount of sales and potential customers. Split testing is not a tough thing to do at all but some businesses fail to do it. It only results in waste of time and resources.

In promoting a Business, don’t assume anything. Just test everything.

4. Lack of proper Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the most important things in Business.  A business should never for a minute run out of money because it is the backbone and fuel on which every business runs.  This is true with your marketing and ad ventures.

Have monthly, quarterly budget for your marketing and business promotion. Always make sure you earmark money for each business promotion you will be running.

Start small, test the process and keep building on each and every success recorded. Budgeting allows you to know how much you are spending or will have to spend on a particular thing. You will spend more than necessary if you don’t budget. It allows you have enough money for every promotion.  

5. Giving up at the sign of defeat.

One thing some Business owners will never tell you is what I will tell you today. The truth is Business is hard.

You will face hardship in your Business journey but never stop even if you hit your head against a brick wall. Everyone you see in Business is facing one challenge or the other. Just when you think you have solved all your problems another one will come out of the wood. Just don’t give up at the first sign of defeat.

So many people have given up just when Business success is around the corner.  

Some promotions will take a longer time than others to bring result. Take your time. Stick a little longer and you will succeed in your business.

Test everything before lunching bigger. Patience is one of the hallmarks to Business Success.


While mistakes can never be avoided in a business, in fact someone said mistakes are essential to business success; however some big ones can be avoided.

Keeping up with the five points explained above will see your business move up not so quickly but will ensure a steady growth and expansion.

A business cannot entirely grow on it’s own; a business manager however needs the managerial skills to be able to keep the business going.

Always start small before going bigger, Facebook, YouTube, Bloomberg didn’t all start big.

What do you hope to implement in your business today?

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