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7 Business Ideas for a College Student

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Business ideas for student

Let me warn that this post contains some affiliate link and if you click on any affiliate link and make a purchase I will earn a commission. Happy Reading…..

Business Ideas for a college student

Every college student would like that little extra income at the end of the month and have more in the savings than he/she is expecting at home. We shall take a look at business ideas for a college student in this post.

What makes this post so perfect and have enough reasons for you to try anyone of the business ideas for a college student is that: I am a still a student and I understand the system especially today. I know the system so well that I was able to come up with an idea of giving great business ideas that will fetch you some dollars at the end of the month.

These businesses are not such businesses that take your time and have your academics starved. No these are businesses that you can run at your leisure time and still cash out enough to sustain you even you receive nothing from home.

I know that kind of look toward the end of the month that students wear when they have all gone broke. Looking to check if the text sent by a service provider is a bank credit alert from home. I was in this situation once as a student.

Now all I do is to be checking my email and check the messages that come to my phone at will because I don’t expect alerts at the end of the month anymore as I did before. When it comes I call and say “Daddy thank you”.

If you read this post and choose any of these business ideas am about giving you for free (This is something you should pay for I think….lol) you will come back to my site and ask of my account number so you will send me something in appreciation.  I know some of you will not.

Those of you that have girlfriends in school will even be more thankful to me for these ideas…You will have money to take her out at the end of a hectic day you know…..Don’t mind me I joke a lot.

Some of the business ideas for a college students discussed require working on the business for at least two hours daily and there you go.

I work on my businesses in school for four hours daily and I still attend my lectures and make good grades still. I have enough examples of people who started small businesses in school and went full time after graduating which means they graduate as self-employed individual and didn’t have to go and out and for jobs again.

This might be your dream or plan after graduating from the university or college. This is doable because I am doing it and I will definitely not look for a job after I graduate.

7 Business Ideas for a College student

University should be a place not only for learning but also a place for starting businesses. I mean take a look at the free internet a student can take advantage of to grow his/her business, the different clubs to assist with free consultation and more. Starting a business early and in the school is a great thing.

Enough of talking! Jesse you talk too much….Am a talkative guy you….Let us get down to business.

1. Photography

Huh…Photography…Have you ever sat down to calculate roughly the number of students who snap pictures daily in school? If you have never this is an assignment question for you. Submit at the end of the post.

You have everything you need to start up this business. If you have no enough cash on ground and have not saved to start up the business you can apply for student loan and get your start up off the ground. Getting your DSLR is not  gonna be a problem now.

After that you can walk up to some companies around the school or event venues and apply to be their “official” photographer and there you go.

You can also print flyer with your new business name on it and share it around the school to your mates. Let them know what you do now and give them reasons you are best for that.  Get posters and paste them on the billboards in school and there you go with your business set up.

You can use free graphic design website to design your flyer if you are not a designer or you don’t have money to pay a designer. There are lot of templates to choose from on Canva.

2. Become a tutor

What is there in taking at least two hours daily to tutor people on the courses you know?

I have an example of Mr. Sammy who started tutoring his mates in the university on all that he knows. He made extra cash from that when he was a student and was able to support himself financially just by offering what he knows.  Today he is still offering tutorials for students and has founded a name for his business- Sammy Links.

These kind people are people I call “accidental Entrepreneurs”. They don’t know where the business will take them when they lunched. No Business plan, No bank Loan. But they are today somewhere far and enjoying their businesses.

There is something you know that you can as well exchange for cash. Students are ready to pay to learn. Organise a tutorial class, charge at least $5 per student on monthly basis and see how you will become financially independent in no time. If you get about 20 students to enrol on your tutorial classes monthly that is an extra $100 you will be making every month.  

This is a business you can start with less than $100.

All you have to do is to get some markers and you can use your old books as reference.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a fun business. This is business am into that is why you can read my writings today.  Blogging takes just a little of your time. Two hours in day is enough to get you the cash in.

How to start blogging is not in any way hard. I have even made the process very easy for you by creating an online class for anyone who is ready to start blogging to learn from and set up a simple blog just like this one you are reading so you too can make the extra income at school.

Blogging is a business that requires a little capital to start with. Less than a hundred can start a blog for you and you can earn more by just writing on your favourite topics. Isn’t that cool?

And you know the cool thing about it you can work from anywhere as far you have your laptop or ipad with you. Just fire your laptop or tablet in the bus or in the bar and start writing on your favourite topics.

4. Offer Laundry Services

One thing student can’t be bothered to do is laundry.  This is an avenue for you to make the laziness of your mates as a stepping stone to make some money by washing, drying, ironing their clothes and delivering it to them at the modest price students can be glad to pay.

You can target your busy lecturers and their families too and offer the laundry services to them.

You can still take student loans to get washing machine and the equipment needed to kick start your business.

Make flyers and posters, share them and post it on bill boards around your school that will make people look for you to offer your services to them.

5. Sell Digital products

You might not know what digital products are. Well, Digital products are digital educational materials like eBook, video courses and podcasts. Do you know how much people make online by just selling digital products? Do you know you can create Digital products that will fetch you huge amount of money?

Let me show you how briefly…You can write an eBook on a topic you know very well it can be how to prepare a particular African food or something. You can create an eBook showing how it is done and put on it amazon kindle and sell. People want what you have.

You can create a video course like this one here where I showed a step by step path to blogging and how to create a Digital product, sell and make money as a student or an employee. You can enroll to learn more about making money as a student.

Selling Digital products has brought me a lot of money that I sometimes wonder why did not start selling them since.

6. Graphics Design

Graphic design takes almost nothing to start. If you don’t know it you can start learning on YouTube or some online learning platforms.

I have a friend who cashes out big as a graphic designer in school and his grades are still good.

He design flyers for as high as $10 dollars and it takes him less than two hours to design a flyer. Imagine he designs about 10 flyers in month that is $100 dollars that took him just 20 hours to create in whole month. How much time do you spend in a month doing nothing? And designs more than just 20 in a month.

7. Become an affiliate

Becoming an affiliate works perfectly well with having a blog. This means that you will have two businesses running on one platform.  I am a blogger as well as an affiliate marketer.

You can sign up with the big ecommerce site like Amazon and become their affiliate.

You can check my guide to affiliate marketing if you want learn and earn using affiliate marketing.


Business Ideas for a college student is an article I prepared for you to see what business you can start to support yourself while on campus.

Taking advantage of one of these businesses will help you a long way in school and even after school.

Tell me of other ways a student can get money….

Don’t forget to share with other students.

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