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Top Six Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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Affiliate Marketing

6 Must try Affiliate Marketing Strategies

So you have invested much time and resources into building a blog. You post contents regularly, gradually building your audience. Applying these six advanced affiliate marketing strategies will see you earn more as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing
Advanced affiliate Marketing Strategies

If you are running your blog for profit motives, at some point you would like monetize the blog so you too can start earning big. The Time to get your hard work payoff is here.

So you ventured into the world of affiliate marketing which has great potentials to earn really huge. Hope you know that affiliate marketing, after AdSense, is the largest revenue generator for blog owners and other publishers?

You can get more revenue by using these six advanced affiliate marketing Strategies.

What is advanced affiliate marketing?

Before you go deep into affiliate marketing let us look a little on how affiliate marketing works, though I have already covered that in my Guide to affiliate marketing. To be a good affiliate marketer I urge you to follow that post and see how to be an affiliate marketer. 

Affiliate marketers, most of them; use Amazon or ClickBank to find products they can promote on their platform to earn commission.  These two platforms have a huge variety of products so it is always easy for affiliate marketers to find products they can promote.

Contrary to what people think, affiliate marketing is not an easy way to make easy, passive income. It is true only to some extent.

An affiliate marketer can make money by just displaying the products on their platforms, but to really make money with affiliate marketing you will have to use some affiliate marketing strategies which is what we shall be discussing here today.

What is advanced affiliate marketing?

Advanced affiliate marketing is the process of using some sophisticated, higher methods to earn more from affiliate marketing.

In practice it means finding ways to promote the best niche, the products your audience will like and finding the most effective way to promote those products using the affiliate marketing link on your website.

I will explain how you can use the six affiliate marketing strategies to promote your products and earn more money as an affiliate marketer.

Ways to incorporate the six advanced affiliate marketing strategies to earn or generate more revenue.

1. Promote things your audience want

This is a very important point in this. Make sure you promote what your audience want.

Picking products to promote is more than just promoting what is in line with your blogging niche. It is about knowing your audience. Understanding their psychology also is important to generating more revenue and as an affiliate marketer.

If you promote products way too expensive than your readers can buy, you know you won’t make sales. Promoting expensive products than your audience could buy will chase them away and your brand will end up getting hurt.

You use data and analytics to understand your audience- Who they are, their age range and their interests. You can the use Demographics and interest feature in Google analytics to measure that.

Social media is also a great way to see this data. They have built in analytics to help you track who is following you.

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2. Be transparent

If you want to generate more revenue with the advanced affiliate marketing strategies you have to be transparent enough with the process.

You have to let your readers know when you use an affiliate link. This can help you stay on top of the game and also help you avoid any legal issue that may arise.

It will also help you build trust with your readers. If you don’t let them know that you are using an affiliate link and they find out by themselves that will make them feel bad and you will lose the trust they have in you.  If they leave it means you will make zero dollars from you affiliate link.

It is essential to indicate affiliate link because it makes your site genuine and not spammy. Do these if you want to avoid the Search Engines’ hammer falling on your head.

Make sure your affiliate links appear in great and valuable contents because Google penalizes sites with thin affiliate pages.

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3. Choose a profitable product to promote

You might be thinking of creating a new content based on an affiliate product you want to promote. In this case, choose a product that will earn you more money.

If the market responds to high-value products, it will be good start there.  Selling a valuable product will help you earn more commission.

Low-value products can earn you more too if you can sell many quantities in a short time. The commission on each might be small but if you can sell more, the small commission will accumulate to become something really good.

You can use Google Trends to check which products are trending at the moment so as to promote those products on your platform.

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New contents must be created before you generate revenue with your affiliate link.

One of the affiliate marketing strategies will help you earn more in an easy way. Go through your old contents and see which pages are getting the highest visit or generating more traffic and put affiliate links there. Google Analytics will help you with number of visitors each page or post gets.

Choose the high-performing pages and add affiliate links to them.

Some of the pages, the high-performing ones I suggest, should be advertised using social media Ads or Google Adwords

Be Strategic. Do not spend money on promoting the pages least visited. You might not make anything there.

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Split test is also known as A/B testing.

Split testing or A/B test is the process of showing two variants of the same webpage to see which variant drives more traffic.

This is very essential to all online marketers as it helps them optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns.

This is like taking two different versions of a Marketing tool and comparing to see which is performing better.

With an affiliate link there are two ways to perform an A/B testing.

When you use affiliate links, you might want to place them to see how they will perform in different positions on your webpage.

You run the A/B test on banner the same way you test other ad banners to help avoid banner blindness.

Your ads position and the colours can have a great impact on your conversion rate because they act in a unique way than you can expect.

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There is nothing more irritating for a site visitor to visit a site and be greeted with the message “Not available for your region” or something similar to that.

And seeing shipping costs too high, even higher than the product itself.

The two things are what you should by all means avoid with your affiliate link.

With the advanced affiliate marketing strategies, you can enhance visitors experience by what is called geo-tagging an affiliate link. With Geo-tagging buyers are automatically redirected to their local regional site. Amazon Onelink also helps affiliate marketer with Geo-tagging.

Amazon OneLink is a script that can be embedded on a website.

Geo-targeting as others call it can be achieved through the use of some wordpress plugins like Geolocation and Geo-targeting WP.

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You might have been around for a while.  You might be looking for ways beyond just displaying the affiliate marketing links on your website.

The advanced affiliate marketing strategies is not far from the actual digital marketing but it is all about your understanding of the customers, strategy and the right tools.

Putting time into A/B testing and investing in software and courses you will be on your way the top of the affiliate marketing world.

What are the best affiliate marketing strategies do you think affiliate marketing companies use to achieve result?

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