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6 Facebook Lead Generation Strategies to Help Your Business Grow

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6 Facebook Lead Generation Strategies to Help Your Business Grow

Let’s be honest: every marketer wishes for more leads. Lead Generation is important.

To develop and capture those leads, we go to considerable lengths.
In an increasingly competitive market, Facebook provides more features and tools than you might imagine to assist you to generate qualified leads.
If you’ve exhausted all other options, including guest blogging and customer referrals, it’s time to revisit Facebook.

With 2.89 billion active users, Facebook provides a unique opportunity for businesses to generate leads and reach new audiences.

If you want to discover how to take advantage of this massive audience, keep reading for some of our best Facebook lead generating advice.

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Why Is Lead Generation on Facebook Important?

We’ve already discussed the huge number of active Facebook users—and with such large numbers, every business, no matter how unusual, will surely find a niche.
Furthermore, individuals utilize Facebook to interact with brands, with 39 per cent or more users following business pages to receive offers.
Marketers are aware of these statistics; in fact, 92 per cent of social marketers say they advertise on Facebook.

If all of this isn’t enough to persuade you to promote on Facebook, consider this: Facebook lead generation is notoriously inexpensive when compared to alternatives such as Google ads, especially in the consumer services and technology industries.

Now that we’ve covered why Facebook lead generation is important for marketers, it’s time to look at how to do it right.

Here are six pointers to help you improve your Facebook lead creation efforts.

1. Create Facebook Lead Ads

We’ve all seen Facebook paid advertisements at some point or another, whether we’re regular users or seasoned marketers.

You may not be aware that there is a subgroup of Facebook advertisements geared solely to generating leads.

Meet lead advertisements, an opt-in ad with a focus on simplicity. Instead of inputting the same information over and over, users just tap on their displays to complete a form.

The following are the top three advantages of these lead ads:

Easy-To-Build and Even Easier-To-Use

Not only are these advertising simple to develop for marketers, but they’re also simple to use for users.

Users can simply pick options that conveniently collect their information rather than having to type their contact information over and over again from their smartphone. This will greatly lessen the chances of them abandoning your form.


With Facebook’s large audience, precision targeting is crucial. Fortunately, these ad kinds allow you to target very specific demographics, allowing you to quickly reach your target audience.

CRM Integration

You can also integrate your CRM into your Lead Ads campaign on Facebook. You can reply to leads quickly and keep track of progress without having to switch between several systems.

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2. Create Facebook Call-To-Action Ads

You can use call-to-action advertising to promote the call-to-action button on your page. A call-to-action ad can assist customers to complete a certain activity, whether it’s to Shop Now, Enroll Today, or Request a Demo.

These adverts assist you to generate quality leads by encouraging people to take the action you want them to. You can browse Facebook’s categories to select the perfect ad format for your intended business aim.

3. Add a CTA Button to Your Facebook Business Page

Because Facebook recognizes the value of an effective call-to-action (CTA), you may now include CTAs on your Facebook business page.
Including a call to action (CTA) on your page should not be an afterthought.
Make sure that the button corresponds to your current marketing campaign’s requirements. Your CTA should adapt as your needs and goals change so that it reflects those changes and measures the relevant things.

4. Use a Facebook Messenger Bot

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular buzzwords in marketing right now. AI is changing the way we interact with the world in a variety of ways, from healthcare to software.
When it comes to the rise of chatbots, this is also true. These AI-powered bots have the potential to drastically cut the amount of time spent on time-consuming operations like replying to consumer inquiries.
These bots not only save time but also save money by reducing the number of customer service requests.
These aren’t the only advantages, though.
They can also aid in the generation of leads. Here’s how to do it.

Increase Customer Awareness

Welcome new visitors to your page with an intriguing statement that explains who you are as well as your purpose, vision, and values.

By using this tool to tell customers more about your firm and its beliefs, you may raise customer awareness and establish a conversational engagement that can lead to additional leads.

Drive Traffic to Your Product Page

You can start driving potential buyers to your product pages to browse for specific goods or collections after you’ve had an initial chat with them. When crafting your message for this direction, be sure to appear authentic and helpful, since this will help potential clients connect with your company even more. You don’t want to come across as pushy.

Improve Customer Service

After you’ve had a brief conversation with a possible buyer, you can direct them to your product pages to look for specific items or collections. Make sure to appear genuine and helpful when developing your message for this route, since this will help potential clients connect with your brand even more. You don’t want to appear obnoxious.

Qualify Leads

You want more leads, but you also want better leads.

To qualify leads, use the chatbot to ask questions. For example, inquire about the items they require, the business they work in, or the services they require. Then, using this information, send customized email campaigns to leads, connect them with the appropriate sales team, or simply offer them more informative stuff to digest.

5. Make Your Facebook Page More Interactive

Look for other ways to include interactive features in your page besides a chatbot.

Interact with visitors through direct messages and the comment sections of your posts. You gain trust and goodwill from your visitors by establishing rapport that reflects the core of your brand.

Looking for more ways to get people to interact with your Facebook page?

Try out these five ideas:

  • go live
  • Organise giveaways
  • Dish out content specifically for Facebook
  • ask for your followers’ opinions through polls
  • Include video content

Visitors will be more inclined to interact with your page if it is made more interactive. This continual dialogue can assist in the generation of qualified leads from interested visitors.

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6. Promote Lead Magnets on Your Facebook Page

One of the most effective ways to create leads is with lead magnets. Consider sharing them on your Facebook page in addition to your website. If you’re organizing a webinar, for example, make sure your Facebook followers are aware of it. If you’ve done any case studies that might be useful to your readers, mention them.
This step is quick and easy, but it can help you with your lead generation funnels.
Just remember to track which leads came from Facebook using UTMs so you can determine if your efforts are paying off.

Conclusion: FB Lead Generation

While getting leads is relatively simple, generating leads that convert is far more difficult. While many businesses use social media sites to generate qualified leads, Facebook is unquestionably one of the most effective.

Keep Facebook lead advertisements in mind when you plan your marketing budget for the coming quarter. You’ll get more leads thanks to their unique structure and reach.

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