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10 Most dangerous blogging mistakes to avoid.

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Blogging mistakes are made by almost every blogger when he was a newbie, but some might not be so dangerous to a site. We will explore the Dangerous blogging mistakes to avoid in this post.

While some blogger mistakes are quite inevitable, many can be avoided for one to have a clean site indexed by search engines.

Beginner blogger mistakes kill a blog site more than any other thing. This post is written especially for new bloggers to learn and stay away from the dangerous blogging mistakes.

Blogging can somehow be complicated, so you need to get things right to make the most out of your blog.

READ CAREFULLY this post to see how you can improve your blog for the better.


Dangerous blogging mistakes to avoid.

1. Not knowing your audience:

  • One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is not knowing who their audience actually is.

Not knowing your audience will leave you not giving the needed information to your readers.

As a blogger know who your target audience is and give them information that solves their problems.

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2. Not consistently writing

Not having a writing schedule will leave you writing less. The less you write the less traffic and leads you acquire on your site.

The more blog posts you make, the more traffic you generate and the more customers you make.

If you think generating content idea is hard you can use hubspot.com. It is a blog idea generator.

Blog idea generator
Blog idea generator

Just type in a word in the space given and it will generate blog topics for you to work on.  Now you have no excuse not write……….

3. Covering too many topics:

A mistake so many blogger make is trying to write on everything.

They try to write about entertainment, sports, business and everything.

Not choosing a specific niche to blog about will have your readers confused on what to come to your site for.

Bugging yourself with too much topics to write will leave you writing half-baked articles.

Choose a niche and focus on it. By doing so you will be an authority in your niche as times goes on and your domain authority will increase greatly. Got that?

Lets move on.

4. Not building an email list from day one

The first thing to consider when starting a blog is building your email list from day one.

Research has shown that affiliate sales from email list amounts to close to 70%.

By building your email list you can start using it to make sales by promoting a product.

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5. Not committing to the process

So many blogger make this mistake when starting up. They believe that by just starting a blog their business will skyrocket and start acquiring new customers.

Blogging takes time. Be patient and keep going.

By committing to the process you will make great sales with time.

Don’t give up when you are not getting more sales from your blog. Keep going and commit to the process.

To get the result and the traffic you are hoping for you have to write at least two to three blog posts or more per week as stated in one of the mistakes above.

Blogging is more than just writing. You have to write post with right keywords that will get you the organic traffics on your site.

Write more and also promote more.

I mean, the more you write the more you should promote to get the right result.

6. Focusing on quantity instead of Quality

While its okay to blog regularly to keep your blog fresh, it also good that you write quality articles for your readers.

Writing posts daily but not quality ones will have you loss most of your readers because they will get nothing of value on the blog site.

Writing a good, quality content takes time to research and even edit. Take your time to research and edit your articles well before publishing. The aim is to solve your readers’ problems.

Solving the readers’ problems through blogging will always make them eager to go back to your site and read more.

7. Not writing for your audience, but you

I see many blog articles being written only for the writer.

If you don’t include your readers in all you write about then they will never come back to your site again.

Write engaging post that keep your readers coming and always coming to your site.

8. Not writing compelling headlines

Nobody will bother to open an article that is not compelling. Headlines say a lot about how the post will be.

Compare these sample headlines:

  • Four things killing your business, number 3 will shock you.
  • Four things killing your business.

Which one do you think people will click more?

You guessed right. The first will get more clicks than the second.

Writing click worthy headlines should be one the first things you should learn when venturing into the blogging world.

Your headline will tell someone reading it what will be contained in the actual body of the article. A bad headline will signal a bad article.

Write catchy headlines people……..Got that too? Great! Let us move on.

9. The noise

What I mean by the noise is this: Social media is always being flooded with too many post and such an unquenchable thirst for contents, some blogger tend to write posts that will fit what the social media is all about.

This blogging mistake will leave you dishing out bad contents and no reader will be interested to read your blog.  

Don’t try to quench the content thirst on social media. Focus on your topic and add value to your readers.

10. Copying other bloggers’ work

This is in my opinion the most dangerous mistake a blogger could ever make.

I have seen some newbie bloggers copying and pasting other people’s work on their site and not giving credit to the original owners, instead they claim its theirs.

To avoid being delisted by search engines avoid copy and paste contents.  You know it will be the end of the road if search engines especially Google delists you.

Always come up with original contents.

Let me some other blogging mistakes you have made in the past and you how you overcome them in the comments section.

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